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Старые фотографии - 24

Anastasia: Большая [more][/more]

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~Glum Moon~: Надежда пишет: http://www.is.fi/mystyle/art-2000005257840.html Большая

NaturalDisaster: sofiejokinen

~Glum Moon~: Никогда раньше не видела эту фотографию Или не помню

Надежда: ~Glum Moon~ пишет: Никогда раньше не видела эту фотографию Или не помню Пальма внушает

~Glum Moon~: Февраль 2010, Лондон. Paul Harries: "I just caught this moment before a smoke and interview for @kerrangmagazine_ " Photo by Paul Harries.

NaturalDisaster: Lee Dorrian: In 2004 (at Download I think), I had introduced Jeff Walker to my mates in the band HIM. When we toured with them later that year, he jumped on the bus for a few dates. I guess this was around the time he started seriously thinking about getting Carcass back together again. Dunno. Anyway, Gas Lipstick(hardcore Shitlickers fan), HIM’s drummer, was involved in a grind project with a couple of Amorphis members called To Separate the Flesh From the Bones. Me and Jeff got invited over to Helsinki to guest on their forthcoming Utopia Sadistica LP. Don’t remember much about the trip, other than we crashed at Ville’s pad and it was absolute carnage as usual (hence the lack of a clear memory). Me and Jeff did some lead vocals on a few of the tracks and Ville did a few manic screams as well. The album came out later that year. I got asked to do a few shows with them but couldn’t make it due to other commitments at the time, unfortunately. Jeff did the shows though I think. It was a good old fashioned doss anyway! lee_dorrian у Дорриана есть еще раритеты а-ля молодой Оззи+Сэнди lee_dorrian

Надежда: NaturalDisaster пишет: Lee Dorrian: ой, я не знала, что Ли Дориан - Ex Napalm Death

NaturalDisaster: Al Morales: Recently found in the vault from 2006. Taken while on a shooting break during the performance portion of the Killing Loneliness video. а эту я просто не видела раньше, наверное) In The Words Of Ville

~Glum Moon~: NaturalDisaster пишет: а эту я просто не видела раньше, наверное) Мне кажется, я тоже ее не видела раньше Спасибо

NaturalDisaster: ~Glum Moon~ пишет: Спасибо взаимно) click here

NaturalDisaster: Al Morales Another vault find. This time we go way back to June 2006. Shot during soundcheck for their appearance on Jimmy Kimmel promoting Dark Light. Broadcast Setlist --------------------------- Wings Of A Butterfly Wicked Game Post-Taping Setlist ----------------------------- Wings Of A Butterfly Killing Loneliness Under The Rose Wicked Game

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