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Interview with Daniel Lioneye in New York City | 05.03.2011

Амалия: Интервью с Линде. http://thescreamqueen.com/DanielLioneyeInterview.html [more]On Thursday, March 3rd, I got to watch Daniel Lioneye perform live for the first time when their current U.S. tour made a stop in New York City. I also got to sit down with guitarist and vocalist Linde to chat about their latest album, Vol. II, and their current tour. Here are some of the highlights of the interview: MC: How did you come up with the whole idea for Daniel Lioneye? DL: It actually got started 10 years ago. In 2001 we released our first album. Then it was Ville from HIM and Mige playing base and I was just playing the guitar and singing. MC: Yes, I noticed that your previous album came out like 10 years ago. DL: Yeah. Exactly. MC: What about this album? Are you happy with how its doing? DL: I actually don't know. It's probably not very commercial but it's something that needed to be done. MC: How did you end up getting together with The End Records? DL: Well, the CD was kind of bouncing around in labels and someone from The End Records got their hands on it and loved it and did all they could to sign us. MC: The sound from the first record is very different compared to this one. DL: Yes, It is. MC: Why the big difference in sound? DL: Well, there's like 10 years in between and you know, there was a lot of personal shit going on in my life so it kind of turned me into more aggressive music. MC: Yeah, I actually got to hear it and it's a pretty heavy one and very different. DL: Yeah, it's very different. I listen to a lot of different types of music and I've always been a big metal fan. MC: Are there any influences on the record? DL: Yeah. There's always influences. There's a lot of metal bands. I also love Iggy Pop. It's not very metal but there's still influence from him. MC: Well, who doesn't love Iggy Pop!? DL: Yeah! MC: The line-up for this album is different from the previous one. Why did you decide to change the line-up? DL: Well, we couldn't do this kind of music as a trio and Ville doesn't do double base drums either. MC: The singer from HIM right? DL: Yeah. He's a great drummer but not for this type of stuff. MC: Yes. I heard he did the drums for the previous record. DL: Yes, he did. DL: For this line-up, we were practicing for HIM in Helsinki and the drummer Seppo, he practices in the next room and I would hear him play and be like who the fuck is this dude? So I finally got the courage to ask him if he wanted to play with us and he said "Yeah, sure". The screamer dude is my fiancé's friend's boyfriend and I saw their band play there like 3 times and I was blown away so I asked him to join. MC: Have you guys done any music videos for this album? DL: No, we don't have any music videos. We had a contest like 6 months ago for fans to make a video and that was about it. MC: Do you have a favorite song on the album? DL: "Neolithic Way" is my favorite song. We're actually trying to make a new version of it at the end of this tour because we're playing South By Southwest on the 17th of March and the tour ends the 13th so we have a few days off so we're trying to record a new song. MC: I noticed that you guys have been doing a lot of shows in a row and haven't really had a lot of time off. DL: Yeah, It's been a really rough tour. Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. Last night our trailer broke down. We didn't even get our own gear and we barely made the show. It was a fucking nightmare but it's been fun at the same time. MC: How has the other aspects of the tour been doing? How has the audience been reacting? DL: The shows have been going great and you know, that's the main thing. MC: When you play with HIM you only play guitar, has it been very different for you now that you have to sing and be kind of the leader of the band? DL: Yes, of course. it's been very different. MC: So would you say you like doing this more? or would you rather just play the guitar? DL: Well, there's a side of me that enjoys this and then there's the other side where I like to be in the background. We've been working with HIM for over 10 years and I haven't really been working on anything else so it's refreshing getting to do some different stuff. MC: When I chose to do the interview with you I wanted to hear some of your HIM stuff too to balance the difference and I like it a lot too. DL: Thank you MC: Maybe when HIM come around I get to interview all of you guys. DL: Yeah, sure. MC: When some of the people found out I was interviewing you they kept telling me to ask you about HIM then they asked me if I knew anything and I told them that I don't know anything. I'm just meeting with the guy tomorrow! DL: Well. I don't know. We're on a break. We're gonna have a meeting after this tour and we'll see what happens. MC: Good. Everyone's like "are they breaking up?!" and I told them I had no idea. DL: No no, we're not breaking up. Just on a break. MC: I'm guessing you need it or you guys would get sick of each other. DL: Yeah, exactly. We're tired of smelling each other's farts. MC: On this tour, have you been happy with the people's reactions? DL: Yeah. There's a lot of people who get to see us play and don't even know who we are but at the end of the day they're just like "Yeah!!". MC: That's great. There are a lot of HIM fans here too that are excited to see you guys play and do something different. DL: Yeah, the audience has been really great and I've been really surprised. Everything's been going good.[/more] click here DANIEL LIONEYE Helsinki 2011

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Лунный_Вепрь: Ну ладно... Линдос меня более-менее успокоил. А интервьюэр молодец - не побоялся задать конкретный вопрос Амалия

Tessi: Я попереводила, попереводила.. и расстроилась в аут... Машунь, ну чем тут можно успокоиться???

Черубина Ч.: По-моему, вполне нормальное ивью Ничего, что могло бы вызвать беспокойство, Линд не сказал.

Noname: Tessi пишет: Я попереводила, попереводила.. и расстроилась в аут... Машунь, ну чем тут можно успокоиться??? Ne rasstraivajsja, vsjo horosho zhe, ustroili prosto kanikuly, nichego bol'she... ja pochemu to uverena, chto esli by oni raspalis', to tak by i skazali, chtob narod ne muchal rasprosami ,a kogda, a kuda itd....

Tessi: Noname пишет: Ne rasstraivajsja Спасибо, соднышек! Просто как то грустно что то....от увиденного..вернее сикося-накося прочитанного... ну вот чувствуется человеческая неудовлетворенность чем то.. недовольство сложившимся...

Лунный_Вепрь: Tessi , "У нас перерыв. Мы собираемся встретиться после тура и посмотрим, что будет....Нет, нет, мы не распались. Просто перерыв." Вот что я имела в виду. И я подумала: не так уж всё и плохо. К тому же - строить выводы, как оптимистичные, так и не очень, на основании такой скудной информации - бессмысленно. Так что - не будем расстраиваться преждевременно, а просто подождём. Мы - женщины, мы ждать умеем. В любом случае - внутри, или вне HIM - тов. Вало творить не перестанет, авось и явит миру все свои черновики из прикроватной тумбочки, и возликуем мы!!

Надежда: Tessi пишет: ну вот чувствуется человеческая неудовлетворенность чем то.. недовольство сложившимся... а мне ничего такого не почувствовалось наоборот. мне как раз и почувствовалось, что человеку раз в 10 лет захотелось чего-то нового, "рефрешинг", он это сделал и доволен Потом, если он действительно любит много всякой музыки, отлично от ХИМ, любит не только слушать, но и "делать", то иногда это делать надо. Лунный_Вепрь пишет: вне HIM - тов. Вало творить не перестанет, авось и явит миру все свои черновики из прикроватной тумбочки, и возликуем мы!! тоже вариант

Tessi: Гы!!!!!!!!!! 1. Я и в страшном сне не поверю, что ХИМ распались!!! 2. У меня и мысли не было, что происходят какие то терки между ВВ и всем остальными!!! 3. Я испереживалась за Линдика, которому как то не очень уютно в этом туре (по моему скоромному мнению).. Девушки, Надюшкин, Машенька, как же я вас люблю!!!! Ну обожжаю просто!!!

букля: а по-моему странно звучала реплика о том что они отдыхают друг от друга, это при том что вся компашка в сборе акромя Вилки. Так от кого ж они отдыхают?

Лунный_Вепрь: букля пишет: Так от кого ж они отдыхают? От валиных наЩальниковских пуков, неужели непонятно?

Anastasia: букля пишет: Так от кого ж они отдыхают? Гас ещё есть

букля: Лунный_Вепрь пишет: От валиных наЩальниковских пуков, неужели непонятно? дождется. что его как и Гасика поставят в стеклянную коробочку

Noname: и будут продавать билеты на шоу "за стеклом" а ведь говорил когда то в интервью, что хочет семью и детей... когда нибудь, когда он курить бросит и всё такое... ну как бы бросил, может он того... детьми занимается

olga2188: Вот почитаешь Линда, потом посмотришь на состав группы и понимаешь, что они устали не друг от друга, а от Валика с Гасом и играть блэк-метал только эти двое не умеют... барабанщики подкачали, короче - что один, что другой Ладно, это я в шутку... конечно, все не так просто

Амалия: добавила в шапку новое интервью. Да и сюда, пожалуй, кину DANIEL LIONEYE Helsinki 2011

V.I.P.: now the break is over with HIM and we have to concentrate on new stuff. When the f* is this intervjü from? VTOROGO MAJÄ??? But obviously Daniel Lioneye is a side project and HIM was and is my priority and we hopefully come up with some new stuff in the future, HIM really comes first boozhen'ki... music to my ears Amalijä, spasibo

V.I.P.: Vivien Lee пишет: Сеппо тоже говорил про новый стафф...так что... Seppo govoril pro DL a ne pro HIM.

V.I.P.: Vivien Lee пишет: и перерыв продлится, по крайней мере, 2 месяца из-за сольного проекта гитариста. - Возможно, что запись диска начнётся прежде, чем гастроли.

TimmyHeartless: а перевод этого ивью есть? с английским не дружу

olga2188: V.I.P. пишет: Seppo govoril pro DL a ne pro HIM я извиняюсь, а с чего бы Сеппо про планы Лайоная говорить? Он к ним каким боком?

V.I.P.: Vivien Lee пишет: Если я не убедительно это говорю,то можно прочитать перевод этого интервью на дургом сайте,где все комментарии такие-же как мои. spasibo za perevod, jä i v originale mogu pochitat'. olga2188 пишет: я извиняюсь, а с чего бы Сеппо про планы Лайоная говорить? Он к ним каким боком? kak prichina pereryva. jesli zhurnalist pisal o PERERYVE, zachem jemu privodit' tzitatu o novom al'bome HIM? v tom-to i delo, chto on pishet pro HIM, i jesli by eto byla zapis' al'boma HIM, naverno, on udelil by etomu bol'she vnimanijä i sam by kak-to prokommentiroval. Managerin mukaan HIM on tällä hetkellä keikkatauolla, ja tauko jatkuu ainakin parisen kuukautta kitaristin omien projektien vuoksi. – Mahdollista on, että levynteko ajaa keikkojen edelle. *** a voobsche, hren jego znajet konechno

olga2188: V.I.P. Дарль, ну никто же четко и определенно не говорит про новый альбом - "все готово, начинаем запись"... Просто есть какой-то новый стафф, его нужно репетировать и всякое такое... А слова Сеппо "запись диска начнётся прежде, чем гастроли" можно понимать так, что гастроли вообще хрен знает когда начнутся, в необозримом будущем

V.I.P.: olga2188 пишет: что гастроли вообще хрен знает когда начнутся, в необозримом будущем vot imenno... glavnoje, chto v glavnom my s toboj soglasny

Vivien Lee: http://www.inferno.fi/haastis-linde-kovassa-seurassa-4840/

Tessi: Погуглила: Даниэль Lioneye недавно совершил турне в США с Cradle Of Filth. Новый альбом планируется, но группа идет в настоящее время сообщается себя условиях. HIM готовится новый материал, и в настоящее время без звукозаписывающей компании. - Я не знаю точно, что там происходит, менеджеров управлять своими делами. Но сегодня, с звукозаписывающих компаний настолько трудно, что мы будем видеть, как мы реализовали следующие выходные, что делает это самостоятельно или с рекорд-компанией. Трудно сказать, в этой точке. ну и ладушки...

V.I.P.: Mä en tarkkaan tiedä, mitä siellä tapahtuu, managerit hoitavat ne asiat. da uzh my ponäli, chto vsö menedzhery, ot kogo zh jeschö my vse novosti-to poslednee vremä slyshali...

Vivien Lee: Интервью с Линде. http://thescreamqueen.com/DanielLioneyeInterview.html

Лунный_Вепрь: Как-то неловко Линдосу стало, когда с HIM пропараллелили. Мямля.

Vivien Lee: Лунный_Вепрь пишет: Как-то неловко Линдосу стало, когда с HIM пропараллелили. Мямля слово в слово он отвечал в интервью на ЕвроРокРадио в феврале...даже сразу вспомнилось!

Лунный_Вепрь: Я так поняла, это вью тоже примерно тогда же бралось.

Vivien Lee: Лунный_Вепрь пишет: это вью тоже примерно тогда же бралось. американское...точняк!

Амалия: Vivien Lee пишет: Интервью с Линде. добавила в шапку Вивьен, спс за вью

Vivien Lee: Интервью с Миже (февраль 2011, тур Daniel Lioneye по США) ссылка: http://americanhorrors.com/music.html "Horror Amour : An Interview With Mige from HIM" by Amanda Rebholz Увеличить † Most people who follow the internationally-acclaimed rock band HIM recognize its handsome frontman Ville Valo before anyone else in the band; with his smoldering good looks and trademark voice, Ville is the totem of the band and the one most often sought out for interviews and photo shoots. However, the rest of his backup band are just as talented and charismatic, and one member in particular has always been my favorite. Mige Amour, the bassist for HIM, is a heavyset man with an unruly beard, long hair, and piercing blue eyes. He is also a lifelong horror fan who has referenced his love many times in various interviews, a fact that led to me arranging to interview Mige specifically about this interest when he came through Dallas, Texas on February 2 with side-project band Daniel Lioneye as part of the "Creatures from the Black Abyss" tour with Cradle of Filth and fellow Finnish rockers Turisas. Once we were settled in the dressing room, the usually-quiet Mige opened up immediately about his appreciation for horror films, where he thinks the genre's headed, and his own memories of growing up with the love. † Amanda Rebholz: Can you talk a little bit about what it was like to grow up in Finland, what the horror scene was like over there when you were a child? Mige Amour: When I was a kid Finland was sort of a fascist country when it came to censorship. Horror films would be cut into pieces, and they might cut thirty minutes of the goriest parts out of a two-hour movie. So to get really cool horror films, you'd have to get them from the UK or somewhere. It was very hard to come by for us, so all of the copies of horror films that were around were like VHS copies of a copy of a copy. They were really bad quality, but that was sort of the thing. It defined the scene for us. Everyone was swapping bootlegs back and forth, trading, making bootlegs themselves from VCR to VCR. It was pretty underground and secret. AR: Do you remember the first horror film that really made an impact on you? MA: It's hard to say the first, but the old "Demons", you know, the first two of those really stand out. They are classics now but I remember seeing them with my friends, in a boiler room or basement or something. I loved it. I got a copy and ran to my friends with it, it was very nice. I probably saw "The Exorcist" around then too because that was the right time, but that was one that my buddies and I very much went through a lot of trouble to get a copy of. We had to beg and borrow to get that one. But then we got it and it was awesome, so, that was very good for us. † AR: Do you have a favorite type of horror movie? MA: I am very old-school, I don't like the newer films and what's happening now. I like a certain kitsch when it comes to it, like the old slashers from the 80s. There are some very good slashers coming out now, you know, things like "Dog Soldiers", which is one of my favorite films ever, but for the most part now it is very different. The whole attitude is different than it was back then. AR: There's so much going on with CGI nowadays. MA: Exactly, yeah. I miss the practical effects, the work that went into things. It was great to see all of the heart in it, the craftsmanship. It's a whole niche thing now of computer guys who are not into it the way the hands-on people were. AR: We're seeing a trend here in America that's just starting out, where studios are beginning to screen unrated horror films that are completely uncut to see how the audiences react. One of them was "I Spit on Your Grave", another was "Hatchet 2"... do you think anything like that would ever happen in Finland? MA: Well, the horror audience is so small and so underground over there... it is a very small country, it's probably a similar ratio of horror fans to regular people as here but the country just has so few people in it that it wouldn't really happen. We do have something sort of like that, it's called "Night Visions" and an old movie theater will play horror movies at midnight. They play all kinds of good stuff, all horror movies from different kinds. They've had screening parties with the filmmakers and things. I haven't seen "Rare Exports" yet but I want to, I hear good things. There is an unusual horror film--- well, it's not really horror, it is but not specifically--- called "Sauna" that is very frightening, but aside from that I don't think there are really many Finnish horror films being made. AR: Which do you think is more frightening, ghosts and the supernatural or serial killers and slashers? MA: I don't think I'm really afraid of those... I'm more scared of something that could realistically happen. I don't fear the living. I don't think a serial killer would be what kills my father, you know? I fear things like that, things we can't control or help. Things we can't stop. It's more natural, and that's very frightening. General mortality. AR: Out of the people you are friends with, if you were in a horror movie would you survive? MA: I'm totally a goner, are you kidding? I'm the annoying fat guy, I'm the first one dead. AR: No, maybe not! You're very funny, they keep the funny ones. MA: That's true, yeah. I love those kinds of characters. Like from "Shaun of the Dead". Perhaps that could be me.† He stayed until the end, didn't he? † AR: He did. You'd absolutely survive for awhile, anyway. So do you have a favorite horror icon? MA: Oh, absolutely Bruce Campbell. I'm a huge Bruce Campbell fan, he's my all-time favorite.† He's obviously very humorous as well, especially back in the day. "Evil Dead", his performances as Ash, were some of the best performances in horror I think. As a director, obviously, I love Argento. I like the same people that everyone likes, but I suppose that's for a reason. They're all so great. AR: What're your thoughts on the new upsurgence of popularity in horror when it comes to vampires and things? Obviously the 'Twilight' franchise, while it's not really horror, has really put vampires and werewolves in the mainstream. MA: Yes, I would never call "Twilight" a horror film at all... but I see what you mean. It did make them very mainstream. Vampires are not supposed to be that way though, are they? It is very odd and very... wrong, I think. I think it's great that younger people can get into it now though, that it's fashionable. They aren't my cup of tea but it's good that they are popular, and opening up doors for young people to become introduced to horror. It's becoming a bit cool to like horror. Growing up we were the outcasts, the outsiders, and now it is very normal to like these things. It's celebrated. AR: It is. And with the popularity of shows like "True Blood" and "The Walking Dead", it's really reaching a much wider audience. It isn't a secretive thing anymore... people's mothers are watching these shows, you know? "The Walking Dead" was even nominated for some major awards, which is the first time a horror show's ever had that honor. MA: I still haven't seen "The Walking Dead" but everything I've read is wonderful. I've read the synopses... what's terrible is I am not a comic person, so I've never read those, but I should. It's very cool that they were up for an award against a lot of normal shows, that makes me very happy. I am glad that horror is getting some recognition from the 'normal' people. AR: What would you like to see out of the genre? After the phases of 'torture porn' and now this whole 'vampire' thing, what do you think should be the next big thing? MA: Those old sci-fi movies would be great, wouldn't they? The ones with the creatures. They are so funny to chill out to, and they were just fun, they had no purpose. I like that. AR: We do have those wonderful Syfy movies, about the mega-sharks and giant sea animals... MA: Those are so great, yes. I don't see them often but they are so funny when we do catch them on. They are so hilarious to see with like-minded friends. Like our own Mystery Science Theater. AR: How do you think that music and horror movies interact? Bands like The Misfits and Black Sabbath and even HIM to a degree use so much dark imagery and references to that culture, do you think that horror movies have influenced your music? MA: I think there is so much crossover, yes. It's so many people who think the same way, like a club... they tend to like the same music as well as the same movies. The inspiration probably goes both ways, and so many musicians are in horror movies, and so many horror movies use dark music in them... AR: Speaking of the crossover, Dani Filth's on tour with you... he made a horror film a few years ago called "Cradle of Fear" in which he plays a serial killer. If anyone ever offered you a role in a horror film, would you be interested? MA: Sure, why not? I wouldn't like to do voice acting or anything like that, but it would be so fun to have the prosthetics, to wear those things. AR: Have you ever done anything like that before? MA: No. We did a Halloween gig once where I was in makeup, we had makeup artists to decorate us, but it was not very detailed. I would like to be in the very serious makeup, with the monster prosthetics and things. AR: That would be really fun. MA: The mask would let you be someone else, very scary. AR: Yes. So what, in your opinion, makes the perfect horror film? MA: Well, for me you have to have the balance between humor and horror. I like little moments of laughter in there because... it just makes the violence and things that much more scary. You are not expecting it, so you let your guards down and then when it happens it is so frightening and surprising all at once. I know not everyone likes that, but I really prefer it to be that way. When I watch a horror movie, I don't want to be uncomfortable, I don't want to have to think of so many things while I'm watching. I like to just laugh and then jump out of my seat, and then laugh again. But everyone is so different, which is why the horror industry is so much fun. There really is something for everyone, no matter what scares you there is something there which will get to you. † Catch Mige Amour on tour with Daniel Lioneye and Cradle of Filth throughout the US right now, or check him out playing on the new Daniel Lioneye album "Vol II".

Pansy D: Vivien Lee, спасибо за интервью! Так и представляю их с ВВ, смотрящими ужастики в темной комнате с пивом в руке вместо того, чтобы алгебру учить ПС почему тетенька-журналист в русской ушанке?

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