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DANIEL LIONEYE Featuring HIM Members: 'Vol. II' To Receive U.S. Release In April

Anastasia: DANIEL LIONEYE, the Finnish band featuring HIM members Mikko "Linde" Lindström on guitar, bass and vocals and Janne "Burton" Puurtinen on keyboards alongside Black Vomit Bolton (ENOCHIAN CRESCENT) on drums, will release its new album, "Vol. II", in North America on April 27 via The End Records. Formed in 2001, DANIEL LIONEYE's debut album, "The King Of Rock 'N' Roll", was only released in Finland and Germany and was a tongue-in-cheek. psychedelic stoner rock LP. The group supported the effort by playing a handful of festivals in Finland, which resulted in the CD's title track being used as the theme song for Bam Margera's TV show, "Viva La Bam". According to a press release, "Vol. II" is heavier than the band's previous CD and is being described as "an extreme rock n' roll album with influences from black metal." "Vol. II" track listing: 01. Euroshaman 02. Flatlined 03. Saturnalia 04. Neolithic Way 05. I Saw Myself 06. The Mentat 07. I Have Never Wanted To Be Number One 08. Who Turned The Lights Out 09. Kiss Of The Cannibal www.myspace.com/daniellioneyeofficial предзаказ альбома можно сделать здесь: www.theomegaorder.com/DANIEL-LIONEYE

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123: Tessi пишет: Да ну... это же кто то там третий, который на барабанчиках вроде как... А как же тогда Бартик? не захотел наверное на обложку, скромняга наш элегантный.

Tessi: 123 пишет: не захотел наверное на обложку а может, он где нить на изнанке...вот коробочку открываешь - а там Бартик! как выбежить..как выскочит...:-)))

SANDRO: Что мне не понравилось судя уже по кускам, то что вокал ну просто жесть...ну у Линде и так его нет, но зачем же так петь...конечно, я не такое ждал...Надо слушать все целиком.

H.I.M.en: Сколько не слушал, что первый что второй, ощущение что вся популярность данного проэкта опять заключается в учатниках трёх волшебных букв. Может мнение изменится со временем, но пока музыка полный ноль для меня

Freizy Grant: I Have Never Wanted To Be Number One это что крик души?))) из минутных частей скажу что мне нравится, Neolithic Way так очень)) единственное...ничего нового...всё уже сыграно, а идти по протоптанной тропе не много чести.

~Glum Moon~: Вот так новость! Ну, ждем-с Freizy Grant пишет: I Have Never Wanted To Be Number One это что крик души?))) Да по-моему просто все это делается для себя, и вокал такой в том числе %)

Freizy Grant: думаю, что вокал иным просто быть не может. А про намбер ван это был мой добродушный юмор)))

Anastasia: здесь можно заказать футболки..ну вдруг кто хочет http://www.theomegaorder.com/DANIEL-LIONEYE-Good-T-Shirt;jsessionid=0a0101431f436ccbc2f64f654d258da9fdc87c79f62b.e3eTax4KaN0Le34Pa38Ta38Rahv0?sc=13&category=284791 http://www.theomegaorder.com/DANIEL-LIONEYE-Vol-II-CD-Shirt-Bundle;jsessionid=0a0101431f436ccbc2f64f654d258da9fdc87c79f62b.e3eTax4KaN0Le34Pa38Ta38Rahv0?sc=13&category=284791

~Glum Moon~: Хочу с калякой-малякой

olga2188: ~Glum Moon~ пишет: Хочу с калякой-малякой ой, а я ее помню этот огурец они на сет-листе в первый день Хэллдана накалякали

The Kiss Of Dawn: ~Glum Moon~ пишет: Хочу с калякой-малякой я тоже с бугаем каким то лучше

Infinity-myata: click hereDaniel Lioneye Vol. II – Review March 11, 2010, Posted by admin at 12:34 pm April 27th sees the US release of the new album from Daniel Lioneye (aka Linde, guitarist for HIM). Appropriately entitled “Vol. II” this is the second offering from the amazingly talented guitarist and I was given the chance to have an early listen to it. If you’re expecting a repeat of their first album “The King of Rock N Roll” you’re in for a surprise. A side project of a few of the members of HIM, Daniel Lioneye has changed up the lineup this time around. Linde (Daniel Lioneye) once again does vocals and guitar but this time throws the bass in as well while Burton (HIM keyboardist) takes up the keyboards and Bolton (Enochian Crescent) takes over on drums. The band’s first album, “The King of Rock N Roll” was only released in Finland and Germany and showcased not only Linde’s amazing guitar talent but showed us that the usually silent Finn had an amazingly deep and well rounded voice. This time around it seems that the group is going to the far opposite extreme of their HIM counterparts. For their first North American release they’ve dug into their black metal roots. The deep voice we heard in the debut album has mostly been replaced by distorted guttural screaming that reminds me of Cradle of Filth to some degree. The opening track ‘Euroshaman‘ holds nothing back, giving you ripping guitar riffs and some unbelievable drumming that continues throughout the album. It is most definitely a showcase for Linde’s amazing ability to play the guitar. The track ‘I Have Never Wanted To Be Number One‘ is probably my favorite off the album – possibly because it is the only track on the album where the screaming gives way to a more melodic sound. There’s still plenty of wicked riffs and distorted sound though so don’t worry. All in all if you enjoy hard, fast, metal with a bit of funky keyboards to bang your head to you’re going to love “Vol. II”. And if you thought all the members of HIM were just lovelorn crooners you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise. Here’s hoping Daniel Lioneye takes the American Metal scene by storm and maybe we’ll get lucky and even get a tour sometime. Daniel Lioneye’s “Vol. II” can be pre-ordered now at The Omega Order and there are several bundles available. Release date is April 27, 2010. Order your copy today and let’s show the the US market that Finnish Metal is where it’s at! And follow Daniel Lioneye on Twitter and Myspace! And stay tuned for our interview with Daniel Lioneye himself coming in April!

Kuolema: я слушал много долго сделано-то неплохо, качественно! но серьёзно к этому относиться у меня никак не получается... собственно как и к новому "творчеству" хим

Anastasia: http://azm-magazine.blogspot.com/2010/03/new-reviews-3142012-azm.html ревью

Anastasia: http://crimsongate.fanhost.com/LIONEYE.html Интервью с Линде об альбоме

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