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Ville Valo на сольном альбоме Mark Gemini Thwaite

Insane: Very pleased to announce that I received a vocal mix today from my long time friend Ville Valo from Finnish love metallers HIM, for my forthcoming solo album... known Ville for many years, ever since HIM and The Mission played some Euro festivals together back around 1999.. we've covered a very well known song together, gonna surprise alot of you..can't wait for folks to hear this! https://www.facebook.com/182482588455230/photos/a.417759468260873.84888.182482588455230/880584305311718/?type=1&theater

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Надежда: ~Glum Moon~ пишет: Postitoimipaikka а, точно.. это вместо Маа - это типа да, почтовое отделение. Я туда всё время пишу название города

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