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Ville Valo на сольном альбоме Mark Gemini Thwaite

Insane: Very pleased to announce that I received a vocal mix today from my long time friend Ville Valo from Finnish love metallers HIM, for my forthcoming solo album... known Ville for many years, ever since HIM and The Mission played some Euro festivals together back around 1999.. we've covered a very well known song together, gonna surprise alot of you..can't wait for folks to hear this! https://www.facebook.com/182482588455230/photos/a.417759468260873.84888.182482588455230/880584305311718/?type=1&theater

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Надежда: Собственно, ВВ с этой песней - в своей теме, ибо песенка-то о расставании. Но так тепло и светло звучит..

Delfia: Надежда пишет: это ты музыку имела ввиду? Да , сие муз.творение) Надежда пишет: ну да.. напомнило безобразие со Скримворкс Ремиксов Хм..это единственный альбом , который , если и слушаю то в ремиксах ) как-то так... Распробовала сам кавер.. ну другое дело, всё узнаваемо . Хотя ремикс мне очень даже..

Delfia: Надежда пишет: Собственно, ВВ с этой песней - в своей теме, ибо песенка-то о расставании. Совершенно , со всех сторон.. Однако, мне не хватает самого ВВ .. его вокала.. у кого-нибудь есть похожие ощущения или всем всего хватает?)

Надежда: Delfia пишет: не хватает самого ВВ .. его вокала.. КАК?! Я с утра сижу, утопаю в этом голосе! Прекрасный, мягкий, нежный, такой знакомый.. Уже раз пицот песню послушала! Общее звучание и аранжировка слегка попсовые , но так миииило....

Delfia: Надежда пишет: КАК?! Я с утра сижу, утопаю в этом голосе! Прекрасный, мягкий, нежный, такой знакомый.. Каюсь, виновата.. Может инструментальная часть слишком громкая по отношению к вокальной. А может мне проспаться надо и утро вечера мудренее будет..)

Надежда: Delfia пишет: Может инструментальная часть слишком громкая по отношению к вокальной. ну, скажем прямо: качество записи радиотрансляции не блещет...

Delfia: Надежда пишет: ну, скажем прямо: качество записи радиотрансляции не блещет... Да , наверное в этом всё дело. Этот грязный, дребезжащий звук перекрывает в некоторых местах. Нужно оставить прослушивание этак раз пицот) на 15.04 А так кавер удался. Как по мне вышло интереснее , чем у именитых соседей..( ценителем которых, правда, никогда не являлась) В исполнении Вилле появляется этакий романтический шик..)) И все же, было нечто новое для Вилле. Произнести строчку "In these old familiar rooms children would play Now there's only emptiness, nothing to say"... Это поправка к "Вилле в своей теме, совершенно")

~Glum Moon~: Надежда пишет: MGT feat Ville Valo - Knowing Me Knowing You Что-то такое тягучее и родное, мягкое и мурлыкающее даже. Очень неплохо Хочется качество получше, но и так с удовольствием послушала несколько раз. NaturalDisaster пишет: послушать-скачать можно на SaintScream Спасибо upd: Очень запоминающаяся вещь, кстати. После 2-х прослушиваний уже застряла в голове

Надежда: MGT w.Ville Valo 'Knowing Me Knowing You' pre order links below -USA and more links to come soon.. Digital single includes original rock version plus exclusive Youth trance remix! iTunes UK: https://goo.gl/oVko6F iTunes Finland: https://goo.gl/uIow9V iTunes Germany: https://goo.gl/5rCvqo iTunes Italy: https://goo.gl/FdXS4v iTunes Spain: https://goo.gl/CW68qZ iTunes France: https://goo.gl/8EnLXc iTunes Denmark: https://goo.gl/orQN7V Amazon UK: https://goo.gl/1nr0sX Amazon Germany: https://goo.gl/QGWzzX Amazon France: http://goo.gl/pPsV8Q Amazon Spain: https://goo.gl/hsypei Amazon Italy: http://goo.gl/IHtwph Google Play: https://goo.gl/LL2Oyr *** оформила предзаказ на ГуглПлей. 19 рублей.

Надежда: подумалось: а женщина в клипе будет? с кем-то же ВВ должен расставаться, не сам же с собой...

Надежда: Heartagram Team México (HIMexicanTeamStaff) HIM Mexican Team interviewed MGT, here the news! большой текст под катом: HIM Mexican Team: First of all we want to thank you on behalf of HIM Mexican Team for giving us the opportunity to do this interview, we are very excited about the upcoming release of your album! - How did you and Ville get in contact with each other? I first met Ville when my old band The Mission and HIM played some Euro festivals together back in 1999... we were due to perform before HIM,and at the time we weren’t familiar with the band.. but they had blown up in Europe with the release of the ‘Razorblade Romance’ album, hence we were faced with rows of totally disinterested young fans in HIM shirts in front of the barriers while we played, they were patiently waiting for Ville and the boys! Now I know why.. We struck up a friendship pretty quickly as we kept running into each other at various festivals around Europe, our paths crossing many times in Germany, UK and the United States, where I moved to 11 years ago.. in 2005 were were both in New York City, Ville was in town to sit in on mixing one of the HIM albums and I was in town to play a tour show with Peter Murphy... we managed to get on the list together for Nine Inch Nails who were playing Hammerstein Ballroom that same night, and then Ville came to see us play later than same night at B.B Kings near Times Square.. a great night! - How was this song specifically chosen for Ville to collaborate on, and how did you go about proposing him to collaborate on this specific song? I’d had an inspiration to record a dark and brooding version of ‘Knowing Me Knowing You’ several years ago, even had a reminder set up in my calendar which would pop up once a month but I never had a reason to record it as I don’t like to sing.. until now! The solo album was in the works during last summer, so I recorded all of the music for it, lovingly reconstructing the parts and melodies based on the ABBA version, but with a dark gothic vibe, more akin to my work with The Mission… and then sent the completed music demo to Ville, who loved it and sent back his fantastic vocals, perfect for the song! - How difficult was giving this classic ABBA song a different vibe or sound? It came surprisingly easy in retrospect, I had a vision in my mind of how I wanted it to sound and I simply learned the chords and arrangement of the ABBA version, worked out a new slower tempo to the original - I wanted it to be darker and moodier – and then recorded the beats and acoustic guitars first then layered my guitars from there. I stuck to the original ABBA arrangement and chords– you cant improve on perfection - but approached the guitars in a certain way and sound as to make them more intense and brooding in places. Of course Ville pitched his vocal lower than the girls did on the original so this opened it up to a new interpretation. The most controversial thing I did was to replace the ‘ah ha’s on the choruses with a guitar playing that line as a bending note, for me that was the cooler thing to do on this darker gothic version.. - Can you give us any insight on the KMKY video? Well continuing mine and Ville’s reverence and respect for the original ABBA version and its video, which had a winter theme – the song was first released in the winter of February 1977 – Ville suggested we continue the winter theme on our video so there’s plenty of shots of snow capped mountains and a wintery vibe. - What inspired or motivated you to record this album? I’d recorded on over 20 albums by other artists over the years but felt that it would be nice before I get too old to release an album that was my own, but I’ve never been comfortable as a singer so I’ve always been the Jimmy Page of the band I’m in, contributing the music and leaving the vocals wisely to the singer in each band… then in 2013 I collaborated on Primitive Race, a collective of artists using file sharing to complete an album, which came in in 2015.. I ended up composing music on several songs and adding guitars to even more songs and mixing half the album in my home studio, importing vocals received by the various vocalists all over the world.. it made me realize I could do that on my solo album, just ask all my friends and singers in my previous bands to contribute their vocals to my demos.. so I started last summer and had an overwhelming response! I was originally planning to self release but once we completed the ABBA cover with Ville in September, he suggested we shop the recording to labels with a view to a label release and video.. and now its happening, on German label SPV with a worldwide release.. - Do you have any other collaborations on the album that you can tell us about? Other guest appearances on the forthcoming album include Wayne Hussey, the frontman of my previous band THE MISSION (and ex Sisters of Mercy guitarist), also Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls of UK band THE WONDER STUFF, Ricky Warwick of BLACK STAR RIDERS/THIN LIZZY, Raymond Watts of PIG and previously KMFDM, Saffron of REPUBLICA, Julianne Regan and Andy Cousin of ALL ABOUT EVE, Jorgen Munkeby of Norweigan alt metal band SHINING, and goth legend Andi Sex Gang of Sex Gang Children.. plus guest appearances by newcomers such as Ashton Nyte of South African band THE AWAKENING and Carlo Van Putten of German indie darlings DEAD GUITARS.. - What was the creative process for Volumes? Many of the songs that appear on ‘Volumes’ were existing demos and arrangements I’d already written, some had been submitted for the various bands I played in over the years but never used, so they sat on my studio computer, while others were new ideas I wrote specifically for this album… - Any anecdote or special memory you can share with us regarding the recording process with the KMKY single? The main thing with recording that song was that I had talked with Ville Valo for many years about collaborating with him – many folks don’t know this but back when my old band The Mission were recording our 2001 album ‘Aura’, there was a song on there called ‘(Slave to) Lust’ and we had asked Ville to sing on it as a guest with Wayne Hussey, which he was planning to do but the schedules never worked out so it never happened.. so for me, finally getting to collaborate with Ville on a song 15 years later has been something I’ve finally been able to achieve! - What did you find most enjoyable or memorable working with Ville and Tim Palmer? Well Ville is super professional and meticulous, he worked on the vocals for a couple of weeks and once he sent his vocal files to me for the mix they were perfectly recorded and detailed, all the harmonies and sections.. I was impressed with the attention to detail on it. Once I had a rough mix together, Ville agreed it might be good to get our old friend and long time HIM collaborator Tim Palmer to mix it, Tim is now based in Texas so I sent him the stem files to mix the song, he did a fantastic job! - Can you tell us a little about the guitars you like to use? I currently hold an endorsement with Schecter Guitars, been with those guys for the last 8 years, a great company based out of Sun Valley California, they really look after me and their guitars are well made and beautiful to look at.. in fact Schecter are currently prepping my very own MGT signature model which should debut later this year.. - What is it that you enjoy most about being a musician? Always a hard question to answer, theres the one side of it composing and recording in the studio, and then the other side which is performing live to an audience… for me both sides are equally as important as the other, I couldn’t imagine not performing live anymore, but I also love getting into my zone in my studio and capturing ideas and moments of inspiration on tape.. both are in my blood.. - As a musician, can you give us your personal opinion regarding HIM? Once I heard HIM’s fantastically dark rendition of ‘Wicked Game’ by Chris Issak I became a fan back in 1999, and I introduced a lot of my friends to the Razorblade Romance album, which was produced by another one of my friends John Fryer.. HIM are a great live band and a lovely bunch of guys too, and Ville had been a great friend for many years now.. - What’s the one thing you are most excited about as you release your first solo album? Finally getting to record my vision of ‘KMKY' and working with Ville V – which was the catalyst for the composition of the rest of the album is probably the most exciting thing, plus getting to shoot a video with VV and the talented Finnish director Ville Juurikkala.. - What’s next for you? will you go on tour to promote your album? The solo album has kind of evolved and attracted a lot of attention.. initially I simply planned to self release online, and just let word of mouth do it thing.. with no plans to perform it live.. but now we have the record label and the ABBA single which is getting a lot of attention so naturally folks are asking if there will be live shows.. its something I have discussed with Ville and some of the singers on the album, the main issue is the logistics of it, which us living all over the world.. I think we’ll see how well the single does and what offers we get for booking some live shows and take it from there! It would be cool to play a show with Ville, we’re both into the idea.. https://www.facebook.com/notes/him-mexican-team/him-mexican-team-interviewed-mgt-here-the-news/506026566267585?fref=nf https://www.facebook.com/mark.gemini.thwaite/

NaturalDisaster: Надежда пишет: Heartagram Team México (HIMexicanTeamStaff) перевод ивью Mark Gemini Thwaite для HIM Mexican Team

Надежда: KMKN на этой неделе в голосовалке "RAUTAA VAI ROSKAA?" на http://www.radiorock.fi/#!/post/5702082f9f3bbb030070a952 Дословно если, то rautaa vai roskaa? - это "железо или мусор"?

olga2188: Надежда пишет: оформила предзаказ на ГуглПлей. 19 рублей а я добавила в список желаний))) Не знаю, как поступить... Гугль, кажется, сохраняет данные о карточке в аккаунте, а мне это не нравится. С другой стороны, предзаказ на Амазоне стоит почти 2 евро.

Надежда: olga2188 пишет: Гугль, кажется, сохраняет данные о карточке в аккаунте, а мне это не нравится. у меня да, данные сейчас сохранены. но и деньги с карты не списаны. спишутся, когда "товар поступит в продажу" Я думаю, потом можно будет удалить данные.

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