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Anastasia: http://www.himbrasil.com.br/entrevistas_unica.php?entre_id=55 H.B. - How did you start your work? E.R. - I worked in the music industry since I was 18. I just worked my way through record companies and design houses. I always knew I wanted to have my own studio and figured out how to achieve my goal ! It really is about who you know ! Make those contacts and make them work for you. H.B. - What are your biggest musical influences? E.R. - I like all sorts ! Anything from Rod Stewart to The Prodigy ! H.B. - What genre of music are you listening to at the moment? E.R. - I'm diggin Skrillex at the moment and of course, working with Ville for most of this year, I've been immersed in HIM ! H.B. - How did the opportunity to work with the band HIM came about? E.R. - I've worked with WBR in LA for 7 years now. I do a lot of video / online content work for them, so it was only a matter of time before I got around to working with HIM. I was approached at the beginning of the year and continued to work with them. I have not only shot Scared to Death, but I created their small micro song video sites as well as filming them backstage in Melbourne, New York and England. I have loads of unseen footage !!! ;-) H.B. - The ideas for the videos were all from Ville or did you work together? E.R. - Myself and Ville work together on everything. Sometimes he has an idea, other times I do but everything visual we do, we do together. It's a creative process and he's a super creative dude ! Both musically and visually, he's a genius. Always open to ideas and sometimes, the more bizarre and odd it is, the better. H.B. - What's the production like? Is there a script set in stone, or do you keep things flowing? E.R. - With Scared to Death, I was given the song and came up with the idea. I then after bounced it around with Ville and we developed it further. I was in Miami at the time. They were in Melbourne, so I flew there to meet up and shoot the video. Directing Ville is a joy and he's always up for working more and more... he'd work through lunch time if the filming unions would allow ! I then returned to the UK and began to edit. The band then toured England, so we all sat down and watched the cut. Myself and Ville then spent a few hours tweaking the edit until he was happy and it was odd enough ! H.B. - Were there any funny and / or stressful moments in the shooting? E.R. - Never any stress working with HIM. Only good times. H.B. - Is it easy to work with the boys? E.R. - Yup. Very. They're all very easy to get along with and I've only enjoyed fun times with them this year ! H.B. - Is it always the director who's in charge? E.R. - Yes, It's the directors role to ensure the crew are making their vision. I normally work with a DP called Dan Trapp, who is super good at translating my ideas into amazing looking visuals. H.B. - Can you give us some information about this new 'secret' work with the band? Is directly linked to the release of SWRMXS? E.R. - Well.... not really. I have a number of things I want to do to promote SWRMXS but they take time... they're done when they're done ;-) At least a few more weeks....

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Anastasia: Anastasia пишет: Both musically and visually, he's a genius. короче, Вилле обрёл нового фана, это он умеет

Надежда: Anastasia пишет: короче, Вилле обрёл нового фана, это он умеет это любофф, однозначно

Лунный_Вепрь: Надежда пишет: это любофф, однозначно "I've been immersed in HIM" . Скорей бы увидеть.

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