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Bellatrix: [quote] Heartagram Day show with Ville Valo February 7th is Heartagram Day - a day of major promotion and partying for HIM fans the world over - and we here at Euro-Rock Radio will be doing the same. Our Heartagram Day shows are always fun and this one will prove to be the best ever. Not only will we be having contests for a major prize package but we will honored to have a very special guest with us as well. HIMs frontman, Ville Valo, will be joining us LIVE on the show via telephone and we want you to be involved in the interview! Have you ever wanted to as Ville Valo a question? Well now you get a chance. Email your question for Ville to questions [at ] euro-rockradio.com by Thursday, February 5th. We will go through them and pick the top three and ask Ville during the show - and yes we will say its from YOU. Please know that questions regarding his personal life/relationships will not be used. Show Details: Date: Saturday, February 7th, 2009 Time: 12-3pm Eastern (11am CST, 9am Pacific, 5pm GMT, 7pm Helsinki) Place: RenegadeRadio.Net to tune in and join us in the chat room. Ville will be live with us via phone beginning at 12:30pm Eastern - half an hour after the beginning of the show. The interview will be recorded and made available here on the site after the show.[/quote] - , 7- Euro-Rock Radio ( : http://www.renegaderadio.net/ ) , . : http://www.euro-rockradio.com/archives/51

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La Murka: ja podumal, shto do togo, kak vylozhat normalnyj transkript, vam vsio ravno chego-to pozhevat zaxochetsia. tak shto tut nemnogo vot. gde-to 15 minut. i grustnyje strochki pro Moto-Moto krivoj transkript by L.M. Heartagram Day 2009.02.07 - Alright everyone. This is the Celtic Angel and youre listening to Euro-Rocks radios Heartagram Day party and we have our very special guest on the phone now Ville - Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey dear people! - (nervnyj smex) Alright. Were very very thankful for you doing this for us. And I really appreciate it. - Oh, weve just started. Nothings done yet, so dont blame me. - You answered the phone. So, its good. - Oh, yeah, that was the easy part. - Yeah. So how is there in Helsinki right now? - Euhm. Its cold. Its eehI dont know. I dont go out that much. It seems to be snowing. Thats the thing I can see from my (??). I havent been doing anything, so Im trying to get rid off fever and writing new songs. So, thats my main thing at the moment Im working on. You know, weve just started rehearsing with the band couple of weeks ago, and everythings going really well with the new songs. Gas and his lady, theyve got their first baby. About three weeks ago. So its been very positive couple of weeks. - Well, congratulations to Gas, you have to tell him congrats from us. - Mh, mh. - (dikij rzhach) - Ive seen couple of pictures, and unfortunately it does have a lot... the babys got the resemblance is clearly there. (chio to takoe) - (opiat rzhach) - I would have hoped it was the other way, but eh, since she is the (?), sweet as eh.. you know, whatever, but.. you cant have it all, it seems. - (rzhach) Well, speaking of the new album, how is that going? Its going good? - Ehm, you know, we just started. Ive got about.. weve worked on 5 songs now and were gonna demo them in a while, maybe month- two months, and Ill be heading over to the States to hook up with some label people and talk about possible producers and stuff, soIts going to be pretty intense within next couple of months. You know, the music is not too (?) what its been. Its not as Sabbathy, its more straight to the point, more, Im calling it 80s ??? Rock with balls of steel. So, its not what weve done before, but its tough to say. Basically, at this moment in time were just heading to the rehearsal-place everyday and picking up instruments and just seeing where that music takes us. - Well, thats good. I know youve talked recently about deciding where youre going to record. Have you given any more thought to that yet? - Im quite certain that we aint going to record in Finland. Sincewhen our Venus Doom tour... we got down with the tour, when was it, last August or something. Weve been pretty hell a lot of time off, and everybody was spending it over here in Helsinki, more or less. And ehm, I wanna get out. Its just cold, dark, and I love it here, you know, my parents are here, and Ive got couple of friends, and stuff like that. But, Id rather wanna see our band concentrate just on music, than trying to sort out their everyday life, like changing diapers, you know, of Gas, of a baby I mean. And I thought, hopefully doing somewhere in America, I dont know; its all depending on a producer. And we still havent had any, you know, we Since Im kinda like waiting for us to be ready to do the demo were gonna demo couple of songs here in Finland and then once our demos done then Im going to fly over and hopefully meet some people whod be excited working with us. So, since nothings done yet its up to me to stop (??) about how good the music is, and how good the next albums gonna be. I dont know. - Oh, Im sure its going to be great. - Oh, well, you know- thank you. - (gygygy) oh, Venus.. I mean Venus Doom is really good. - Yeah, but you know, were gonna try different things out, and were gonna take risks and went fairly far down that path, you know, into that Gloomy-Doomy territory, soSo, were gonna do something more straightforward and direct, you know, with the new one, soAll the new songs are clocking under 4 minutes and theyre very straight to the point. So thats an exciting thing for us, you know. Not jam for 8 minutes in a row or whatever, so theres definitely not going to be songs like Sleepwalking Past Hope on the forthcoming album, even though I love Sleepwalking Past Hope, you know, its a great song for me to have like 3 cigarette breaks within the actual song, like just walk off stage and eat a hamburger if I want. There are so many (??) and so many solos. But I guess its just for our own sake we need to try out things and, you know you know, nowadays its same old, same old, it gets boring after a while, especially a lot of people dont realise that the band works on it maybe 2 years before it gets releases and then they tour with it for about year and a half or something. So, its a long time living with those songs, so obviously you wanna try out something different, you know. Once the tour is done and everything, youre just over with it. - Right - So, its like relationship in general. - (rzhach) Yeah, touring is something ehh, we gave everybody a chance to email questions for you and well pick some of those in a little while. We got over 300 emails, but - We gonna talk super-fast, you know. - Ha, Im not going to do all of them. A lot of people were asking about touring and of course wondering when tour is going to start, and Obviously, its going to be after the album comes out, but.. ehm - Oh, I dont know, I dont know yet, because youve got to remember that summer is happening and theres gonna be a lot of festivals. And I dont know, its you know, within maybe the next 2 month we get a rough idea when and with whom were gonna record the album; and we know that, that enables us to speculate on the possibility of doing some touring during the summer. Maybe doing one of those festivals youve got in the States, or.. I just dont know. - Right - You know, itd be lovely to play some but not too much. I dont want anything to get in the way of making the best album we can. - Right, exactly. Well, I think everybody will understand that. Yeah, everybodys anxious, and Ive got emails from all over the world saying you havent been here in 10 years, when are you coming back and.. its a hard question (haha) - Mhhh, thats so very sweet, its The only problem is that if somebodys saying that we havent been there in 10 years that usually means that that person is the only one wanting us to go there. And since being in this kind of a band, we do have expenses, we do have, you know, trust monkeys (kazhetsia ja pralno tut poniala), we have people setting up a stage, and tuning our guitars and they are not super cheap, so we dont have the opportunity of playing everywhere in the world at all times. Otherwise we would be on a constant tour like Bob Dilan, or something like that. But, we turn the lights and get material as well, which Bob doesnt have to do anymore, so its a different kind of situation. - Well, speaking I guess of touring and shows, Helldone, this past Helldone was bigger than usual, you added some extra shows. What made you to decide to do that? - To be honest, I dont know. I dont remember who came up I came up with the idea, oh my god, yeah. Now, we think, you knowobviously, previous year we had Fields of Nephelim playing here, and we got a few international acts as well. But, unfortunately, the time-frame of Helldone, you know, New Years eve and around that its tough for us to get any bands to play those dates out of the year, because thats the only time all of the bands take time off of their touring and theyre spending time with their families, so it was impossible for us to get any.. because originally we were thinking of playing a lot bigger venue- not just HIM, but making it like a proper big festival here in Helsinki, but we didnt have the opportunity of booking any cool bands. Ive been trying to get Turbo Negro to play the festival for the past 6 years, but - Oh, thatd be awesome. - You know, thats one of my favourite bands of all times, we covered their songs and theyre very inspirational in various ways. But anyway, you know, its just, that didnt work so we wanted to, I wanted to figure out the way to make it more exciting for the band, to make something new happen rather than just playing in Tavastia Club on New Year, so. Then somebody, I guess it was me, just came up with the idea that- lets play in the Northern part of Finland as well, because we havent been there since like 2001-2002, something like that, so. For us it was something like travelling abroad to a new country we havent played in ages. That was very exciting in that sense. - Do you think youll do it again this next Helldone or no clue yet? - At the moment I feel kind of done with Helldone. Weve done 10 years in a row, and thinking about its been already 10 years it just makes everybody in the band feel extremely old. And its not necessarily the best way for a rock band to feel. But, I dont know, the only problem and the limitation seems to be the time frame. Its so tough to get bands to play that festival, so. Its been going long pretty well, but its like we wanna try out something different, but where to go to because trying to book a band from, lets say, Type ONegative from America, the whole band, you know, its ridiculously expensive to fly one band from Brooklyn, New York, over to Finland for one (???). You just play one gig, its the flights, its the accommodations, everything, its like, its not worth it. Because, theres a not a single band that is on tour at that time of the year and that makes the situation even more complicated, so. Theres a lot of those kind of little things that not necessarily everybody knows about. You know, not necessarily average club-goers, but people who just go to enjoy rocknroll and beer. You know, theres a lot of thing to upset us, the whole band, but.. it could be easier if we just start the whole partying in, like, June, or something like that. Just take it as summer festival, but that sucks too. Theres like 200 summer festivals in Finland, so I dont think we have the ability to compete with them, with the good ones. - Oh, you can come do it here, cause theres not enough summer festivals in the U.S. - Oh, theres not enough good ones. - Exactly - Ahm, I just dont know, you know. Thats an old thing, thats a funny thing, theres a side project of our band, and mine, and you know, but thats not what I do. Im trying to write songs and were trying to make an album happen. I can care less for Helldone at this particular moment of time. You cant do it all at the same time, you just cant, so. You know, you gotta have your priorities, and now its obviously getting rid of fever and being in tip-top shape for Mondays rehearsal. - Yeah, yeah. Well, speaking of side projects. Madagascar 2- how did that come about? - I wish I could have done the English version. That was just something (??) from the company that did the translation and asked me to do it. And, you know, I grew up watching a lot of cartoons and animated movies as everybody does. So, I grew up with Disney and lots of those films, so obviously I thought that its a real fun thing to do. And it was nothing particularly spectacular about it. I was asked to do it, and I said Yes, because I wanted to do something respectable. And, its funny how a musician are not necessarily respected for what they do, but when a musician all of a sudden does a few lines as a hippo, all of a sudden you do have some sense of credibility. So, now Im fully credible thank to hippo. - A hippo that now millions of HIM fans all over the world are worshipping, practically. - Oh, well well. He seems to be as unlucky in love as me, so. We share a lot of things and it was very easy for me to do. I didnt have to (?) or act, it was all me. Its just a couple of hundred pounds difference between me and him, but thats about it. , .

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