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Надежда: Давно подумывала создать такую тему. А то некоторые заметки не тянут на отдельную ветку

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Pansy D: heart-healer, спасибо! Мне понравилось ревью, честное и прямое (если, конечено, я все правильно поняла ) Я, вероятно, никогда не поймет, почему он любит скрывать свои волосы под шапочкой А это, парень, наша главная военная тайна!

heart-healer: rockinword о концерте HIM в Кельне 24.04.2013

heart-healer: kerrang new issue/ с 15 мая в Kerrang! Oh yeah and Ville Valo of HIM tells us how the best thing on his mantelpiece is... a Ouija board - in Anatomy Of A Rockstar

heart-healer: Kerrang! (благодаря HIM Guatemala tumblr) текст благодаряTEAM HEARTAGRAM!! MY FAVOURITE TATTOOS IS... "The eyes of Edgar Allan Poe on my back! I don't get to see it often, but I like it. It's not just about Poe - it's about (2003 album) The Eyes Of Alice Cooper and Turbonegro who also stole that image. It's a good combination of early shock rock, punk and literature - some of the things I love most in life." THE BEST THING ON MY MANTELPIECE IS... "Probably a Oiuja board from the 1920s! That was before Adolf Hitler's rise, and it has both a Star of David and a swastika on it - the swastika was a mystical symbol long before the Nazis appropriated it. It's not necessarily the best piece you'll ever see, but it is pretty interesting." THE BOOK I COULDN'T DO WITHOUT IS... "A Word In Your Shell-Like by Nigel Rees! I love to read all sorts of different things and that's a quirky one. I'm very interested in language and words, and this is 6,000 curious and everyday phrases explained. I'd rather choose that or the Bible! I couldn't do without books in general." MY FAVOURITE PIECE OF JEWELLERY IS... "An old crucifix that came from my grandmother who passed away ages ago. I've been wearing it religiously, if you'll excuse the pun, since I found it a couple of months ago. I wouldn't let go of it easily." THE ALBUM I'D TAKE ON A DESERT ISLAND IS... "Witchcult Today by Electric Wizard (2007)! They're a great doom band from England and they're influenced by a lot of the same bands I was influenced by. I have a really cool solver covered vinyl version of it with a gatefold. It's a double album, it looks great, and it's one of the best albums of the past 20 years or so at least. I'd have to have some way to plug a record player in, of course. Otherwise I'd just have to hum!" THE LAST FILM I SAW AT THE CINEMA WAS "Terminator 3 (Raise Of The Machines, 2003). That shows how long ago it was! I hate going to the cinema because you can't smoke, but the atmosphere always makes me cough and then I get embarrassed because I'm the annoying coughing guy. I think I lasted about 40 minutes, needed to go to the loo and then I couldn't get back in!" THE MOST EXPENSIVE THING I OWN IS... "My house" But if you're talking about the contents inside the house, then I do have some pretty cool musical equipment, I have some vintage analogue synths that are getting more expensive by the day, and the microphone I got to sing through on the new album was pretty expensive too. That was about five grand or so, so I'd say maybe that!" MY FAVOURITE TV SHOW IS... "Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, which was out on Channel 4 quite a few years ago now. It was funny and stupid, and it's a hats-off to all the horror movies I used to watch when I was a kid. It's one of those rare shows I'm able to watch repeatedly without getting bored. It's got great non acting and it's one of my favourites alongside The Mighty Boosh." еще более четкое изображение из endlessdark tumblr

Pansy D: heart-healer, спасибо! Ножки-то, ножки Но что с прической, накрутили так... MY FAVOURITE TATTOOS IS... "The eyes of Edgar Allan Poe on my back! Ну надо же! А моя - левый рукав Мне нравится крест его бабушки, это так трогательно, семейная реликвия... Я тоже ношу бабушкины украшения...

UnemployedMuse: VILLE VALO „Ich bin ein einsamer Wolf“ [url=http://www.fr-online.de/leute/ville-valo--ich-bin-ein-einsamer-wolf-,9548600,22595554,view,asFirstTeaser.html]click here[/url]

heart-healer: интервью rockinwords (на немецком) и здесь оно же на английском: rockinwords.com

UnemployedMuse: большое ревью в МХ click here

heart-healer: в завтрашнем Kerrang! рассуждения Ville Valo о Black Sabbath: HIM's Ville Valo over whether Black Sabbath are the same beast that they once were.

Pansy D: heart-healer пишет: рассуждения Ville Valo о Black Sabbath Как же без Блэк Сэббэт

UnemployedMuse: Interview with Eugene Riecansky Вокалист группы H.I.M. Вилле Вало не боится русских

Надежда: Вокалист группы H.I.M. Вилле Вало не боится русских А возвращаясь к предыдущему вопросу насчет России, я хочу сказать, что Россия очень близка для финнов. В Россию легче всего доехать от Финляндии, ближе, чем в Америку, например. да что ты говоришь?! п.с. что ещё за Евгений Рясенский?

Rita: UnemployedMuse пишет: Вилле Вало не боится русских просто он давно здесь не был и забыл..

olga2188: ВВ говорит: «На здоровия!» вот почему-то все иностранцы считают, то это мегапопулярный тост у русских Лучше бы выучили "Вздрогнем" или "Будем"

Надежда: olga2188 пишет: Лучше бы выучили "Вздрогнем" или "Будем" а ещё лучше сразу "между первой и второй промежуток небольшой"

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