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Мелкие новости в различных СМИ 2013-2017

Надежда: Давно подумывала создать такую тему. А то некоторые заметки не тянут на отдельную ветку

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Надежда: NaturalDisaster пишет: Mera Luna фестиваль, день 1, суббота, 08/10/2013 rock-fanatics Гугл как всегда прекрасен: " Несмотря на неудачу тем временем голос певицы Вилле Валло аудитории звезд должным образом отмечаться с ним и таким образом было абсолютно потрясающим ко"

123: Надежда пишет: ко Кэп отметился?

Надежда: 123 пишет: Кэп отметился? не знаю, о чём ты, но я просто фразу оборвала на полуслове, копируя..

heart-healer: Надежда пишет: Гугл как всегда прекрасен да, сразу масса вариантов восприятия. есть понятный перевод в russian ukrainian him street team и да - прекрасное завершение дня! а еще старые новости icon vs icon/ him-returns-to-north-america-for-monster-energys-rock-allegiance-tour

123: Надежда пишет: не знаю, о чём ты ну у тебя получилось "ко" - а это инетовский мэм-сокращение "Капитан Очевидность" Надежда пишет: но я просто фразу оборвала на полуслове, копируя.. хаха, понятно

NaturalDisaster: REVIEW: M'era Luna 2013 (kerrang radio - 16.08.2013) Сегодня многие пели о любви и о потерях, но никто не сравнится с королями "хартбрейка" - HIM: There are many today that have sung of love and loss, but none compare to the kings of heartbreak themselves, HIM. Their stage presence is very much different to the last performers, while Spreng controlled his audience, Ville Valo is a much more vulnerable front man as he clutches tightly to his mic, giving the performance an intimate and emotional feel. ‘It’s good to be back,’ says the lead singer, after the band’s first song. It’s clear that they have been missed. The love metal stars thrill their audience with new tunes as well as old classics such as ‘Wings of a Butterfly’, ‘Buried Alive by Love’, including their cover of ‘Wicked Game’. Times may change, but HIM will always put on a great performance. kerrangradio

Pansy D: NaturalDisaster, спасибо, дарлинг! Очень приятно было почитать такое ревью ‘It’s good to be back,’ Канешна!

heart-healer: Pansy D пишет: Очень приятно было почитать такое ревью присоединяюсь. атмосфера теплеет...

heart-healer: Sonic Seducer обещает в октябрьском номере фото и рассказ о M'era Luna, а в приложении к ноябрьскому - официальный DVD о фестивале

heart-healer: просто информация с заголовком "Rock Allegiance Tour boasts international flair" The Salt Lake Tribune Aug 30 2013 By David Burger

heart-healer: рецензия на выступление Volbeat, HIM и All That Remains в Sound Academy, Toronto от 26 августа 2013 г. lithium magazine о HIM в частности: Another fine evening of Volbeat's signature listener-friendly jams ended off an evening of rock diversity in Toronto, at the August 26th performance of Monster Energy's Rock Allegiance Tour. Rock Allegiance is a relatively new touring 'festival'; launched in 2011 as a travelling tour and became more of a destination festival in 2012. It came back as a touring bill, featuring HIM, All That Remains and Airbourne as supporting bands. HIM's performance was a 15-song set, and at 70 minutes in length with a support group of dedicated Toronto fans, I'd call Rock Allegiance more of a co-headlining event between Volbeat and HIM. ... This night marked the first time I'd see HIM perform live. I know the band has been around for over two decades now, but somehow I'd either bomb seeing them, or some ailment would keep the band away from Toronto. I was excited to see frontman Ville Valo and his bandmates perform some back-catalogue, along with some material from the band’s eighth studio release, Tears On Tape. After a moody introductory wash of gothy organ music, the band took the stage and launched into 'All Lips Go Blue'. Right out of the gate, HIM's stage presence was noteworthy. Old material mixed seamlessly with new. A wonderful live rendition of 'Wicked Game' (Chris Isaak) came into play, and as obvious as it may be, I enjoyed it the most from the band, likely because I wasn't expecting to hear it. 'Your Sweet Six Six Six' and 'Into the Night' also came off impressively well this evening. ... HIM Setlist: All Lips Go Blue Buried Alive By Love Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly Right Here in My Arms The Kiss of Dawn Hearts at War Join Me in Death Your Sweet Six Six Six Passion's Killing Floor Tears on Tape Wicked Game (Chris Isaak cover) It's All Tears (Drown in This Love) Soul on Fire Into the Night The Funeral of Hearts

heart-healer: рецензия от 3 сентября 2013 г. на выступление Volbeat, HIM, All That Remains и Airbourne в Tulsa 31 августа 2013 года от The Audio Altar , в частности о HIM: A goth couple dressed in black with copious amounts of eyeliner stood in front of 3 country frat boys in cowboy hats and plaid shirts. Elsewhere, a teenage girl was distraught by the fact that love-metal rockers HIM would not be signing autographs that night. She and her mother had been waiting in line since 9:00am, desperate for a chance to meet her favorite band. But only Volbeat and Airbourne were doing signings that day. Such was the makeup of the crowd at the Monster Energy Rock Allegiance Tour. 2013 marks the 3rd year of the tour- after moving to a destination festival format in Hershey, Pennsylvania in 2012, Rock Allegiance returned to its roots as a traveling show this year. I went to the gig in Tulsa on August 31st. Featuring a multi-national lineup including Danish band Volbeat, HIM from Finland, All That Remains from Massachusets, and Airbourne from Australia, the schedule promised a long night full of loud, diverse rock. ... If there was one downside to Saturday’s show- it was the lack of respect some in the crowd gave Finnish rockers HIM. Front man Ville Valo and crew put on an amazing show. Set against a backdrop featuring their iconic heartagram surrounded by a spiraling serpent, Valo simultaneously crooned and growled his way through a melodic set containing old favorites such as Buried Alive By Love, Right Here In My Arms and Funeral of Hearts, and tracks off their new album Tears on Tape. Despite his illness earlier this year that forced them to cancel the entirety of their brief North American tour, Valo seemed to be in good spirits and was smiling and joking around with his bandmates. However, during lulls in the set, drunk and unruly Volbeat fans threw around a few jeers. This is an obvious downside of touring with multiple bands vs. having a stationary festival. Despite the road crews’ best efforts, changing sets and equipment between bands is still a time consuming task. By the end of the night, most fans had been standing around for over 4 hours. Everyone was tired, cranky, and some people were just ready to see their favorite band and go home. Case in point- after HIM’s set, many heartagram-clad fans left en masse, leaving plenty of room for Volbeat’s fans to fill in the spaces in front of the stage. But if you didn’t think HIM had a good show, then you clearly aren’t familiar with the band. No, they don’t run around the stage. Yes, they use moody lighting to set the tone. No, Valo won’t be headbanging- although it’s hard to top his screams when he really belts them out. If they seemed more subdued compared to the other bands, it’s because they are- but their followers wouldn’t have it any other way. All you had to do was look into the crowd to see the faces of entranced HIM fans singing along to every word of every song to know this is true.

Pansy D: heart-healer, спасибо за рецензии! Приятно, что ревьюерам понравились выступления, они и правда были классные, если судить по видео и рассказам очевидцев. Да, наши ребята в хорошем настроении А поведению фанатов Volbeat, полагаю, не может служить оправданием "усталость" и "долгое ожидание любимой группы". Впрочем, это уже вопрос персональной культуры этих людей... All you had to do was look into the crowd to see the faces of entranced HIM fans singing along to every word of every song to know this is true. Так и есть

heart-healer: Noisecreep о клипе HIM Into The Night: HIM Embrace the Dark Side in ‘Into the Night’ Video By Amy Sciarretto September 4, 2013 12:43 PM HIM aren’t the type of band to look at life through charcoal-colored glasses. In fact, HIM-approved specs are pitch black, you can’t see out of them and they are cracked right down the middle, further obscuring your vision and that’s just how they like it. In its new video for the ‘Tears on Tape’ track ‘Into the Night,’ the band takes back the night, which is fitting for these nocturnal creatures who are also Finnish musicians. The video centers on the pale face and kohl-rimmed eyes of of singer Ville Valo, as he and his mates perform the song in the dark of night. He emotes passionately and he taps into some sort of visceral vein while performing. Everything shows in his face and in his eyes, for the HIManiacs to see. The ‘Into the Night’ clip is also populated by hooded women, both young and old, and they work in concert to create a heartagram, which is HIM’s famous logo and is constructed of both a heart and a pentagram. The ladies carefully place the bricks and end up with a larger-than-life heartagram. It’s a simple promo, but it reminds other children of the night out there that it’s okay not only to be comfortable with the dark side, but to embrace it as opposed to avoiding it.

heart-healer: Metal Hammer проинформировал о клипе Into The Night (+некоторые лучшие видео недели - MH) рецензия от 1 сентября от examiner на выступление HIM в Freedom Hills 28.08.2013 с пятью звездами оценки и несколькими фотографиями.

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