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Надежда: Давно подумывала создать такую тему. А то некоторые заметки не тянут на отдельную ветку

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heart-healer: в завтрашнем Kerrang! в том числе: о самых безумных вещах, которые они когда-либо сделали K! speaks to the likes of *deep breath* Andy Biersack, Asking Alexandria's Danny Worsnop, HIM's Ville Valo, Biffy Clyro's Simon Neil, Slipknot's Joey Jordison, Limp Bizkit's Wes Borland, The Blackout's Snoz, Airbourne's Joel O'Keeffe, Brann Dailor of Mastodon, Cronos of Venom, Jason Newsted and King Diamond about the most insane things they've ever done! Trying to outrun a cheetah? Playing to over a million people? Dying for six minutes? Stories so crazy that you couldn't make 'em up.

Pansy D: Dying for six minutes? Боюсь, это про нашего

Rita: П**де не каркай

UnemployedMuse: heart-healer пишет: в Kerrang! click here кто о чем, а Mr.V об Оззи ))

heart-healer: UnemployedMuse пишет: кто о чем, а Mr.V об Оззи )) забавно, но непонятно, что же есть "самая безумная вещь" в данном случае: собственно реабилитация или то, что Mr.Valo к Оzzy обращался за спокойствием (не думаю, что спокойствие там живет...) а что "didn't save his soul" - это да...

UnemployedMuse: heart-healer пишет: а что "didn't save his soul" - это да... меня покоробила эта фраза. нахрена они так написали?

heart-healer: UnemployedMuse, ну зачем же покоробила? но, если рассуждать логически, то так и есть. ну, ведь не Ozzy же его душу может спасти, верно? да, насколько можно понять, он существование души и не признает. а спасать в рехаб, опять-таки, было направлено тело.

UnemployedMuse: heart-healer пишет: ну зачем же покоробила по мне - так написано, будто бы уже не спасешь. heart-healer пишет: он существование души и не признает ну незнаю, душа - понятие не только религиозное.

Вилка: Вот это гуляет в сети....свежак...правда не знаю из какой газеты...

heart-healer: virgin.com - interview with Ville Valo By Julija Kaselyte - июля 23, 2013 If you aren't aware of His Infernal Majesty, better known as HIM, you must be living under a rock. Ville Valo, charming, cool and unlike anyone else, has been the front man for this Finnish band for nearly two decades. After some challenges and a few delays, their eighth, rather tasty album “Tears On Tape” came out in April. In August HIM starts touring the U.S and then throughout Europe. The millions of fans worldwide who will be attending these concerts will be treated with some new songs that have rarely been played before. Lead singer Ville Valo speaks to Red Room… So, you have 8 albums under your belt. How does that feel? It must have been such an amazing long journey. It’s just one of those things that you don’t realise until it’s over. It’s been pretty fast paced and there are always new adventures ahead. Obviously everybody in the band is proud of what we have achieved, but the more you eat the hungrier you get. You always want to come across new adventures, and meet new people, and write new songs. It’s very important not to stay still. Looking back, why did you decide to write songs in English? It just felt more natural – we grew up listening to Jane’s Addiction, Bad Brains, Soundgarden, Black Sabbath. All of our favorite albums were in English, so we wanted to be a part of that same dream. How do you make music? Do you write music or lyrics first? I have moleskins filled with one liners but I rarely use them. Melody is way easier for me than lyrics, so usually I pick up a guitar and start strumming and humming. At some point, when stuff sounds like a proper song, I take the idea to the rest of the guys. We all see where it leads and what’s going to be the next step, whether it is usable or whether it is going to be crap. Do you have to be in a bad or good mood to write music? I have to be in a situation where I’m asking questions. When you write a song, do you imagine it visually? I think it’s a combination, a mood can be explained in color. It’s like when you say you’re feeling blue. I think I make music because it’s somehow intangible and yet becomes tangible when you get the song done. When you get your emotions out through guitar, or whatever instrument it might be, all of a sudden you feel relieved. Your band has been around for more than 20 years. How do you all get along after such a long time? By staying away from each other [laughs]. At some point, no matter how much you care about the other people, you see 4 other people all the time and have no privacy whatsoever. It does become exhausting, but at the same time it is something that we have been doing for such a long period of time, that we’re still proud of that. Have you ever had any arguments about writing music or recording? Well, I have to fight with myself, but I’m allowed to do it, because I write music for HIM [laughs]. So, it’s more or less internal. But yeah, let’s say we do have arguments and we do have moments of constructive criticism, but I think that getting riffs heals our wounds. That’s the only thing you need. There are moments of uncertainty as to whether it is going in the right direction, whether it could be better or whether it is somewhere in between. Usually the best way is to crack open a beer and turn the volume up. You can talk about details when you get inside the studio. Would you say that HIM has its own, unique sound? I do think we have an identity of our own, but I wouldn’t say that we re-invented the wheel, we are a part of a big wheel. We’re just disciples, not inventors. although hopefully, when push comes to shove, we have enough originality to stand on our own legs. In your opinion, is your new album more positive? It’s unforced and has a lot of gloom and doom to it, but it’s not as angsty. We wanted to keep it melancholy and dark, but at the same time pretty and not something that you would be scared of. Which song took the longest to record? I think that they were all about the same. There are always some kinks, but I don’t think that we had any super humungous problems with anything. It wasn’t smooth sailing, but it was close to smooth. What is your faviroute song from the album, both lyrically and musically? Well, the album was released really late last year, so we haven’t actually had the time to really see the forest for the trees yet. It always takes a bit of time, so when we start working on the next album, we’ll go back and listen to the stuff and realise what we like and what we don’t like about “Tears On Tape.” We’ve already played a few songs live, and for me, an important track is the title one - Tears On Tape, because I feel that it’s one of those songs that you can play with an acoustic guitar and it sounds great. You don’t need a lot of orchestration behind it, it sounds authentic and massive and pretty and it’s kind of what I like about music. Finally, I'd like to ask about your upcoming tour. You hit America at the end of this summer, are you looking forward to it? Of course, it will be great, because we will be touring with fellow Scandinavians, Volbeat, so it will be fun, I like them. I think it’ll be a good match, as they also have a unique sound. We are going play about 30 gigs in the States before coming back over for the full blown European tour. ______ drumheadmag.com - Gas Lipsticks Gas Lipstick, aka Mika Kristian Karppinen the drummer for multi-platinum Finnish band HIM, took the time to tell Drumhead what his new favorite drum gear is: “That's a tough one since I've just changed everything apart from my drumsticks for our latest recording. But I have to say that I'm totally in love with my new drum kit. I just joined the Ludwig drum family and they sent me a Legacy Classic kit and it Rocks, Big Time!” HIM’s 2013 album Tears On Tape debuted at #15 on Billboard’s Top 200 in May. The band will tour the US and parts of Canada as part of Monster Energy’s Rock Allegiance Tour, which also features Volbeat, All That Remains and Airborne. Starting August 23 in St. Paul Minnesota, the tour wraps up on Sept. 28 in NYC.

Pansy D: heart-healer, спасибо! О, вчерашнее ивью с Вилле! Оказывается, в тур по Штатам ребята едут вместе с датчанами Volbeat Гас влюблен в барабаны, ну, конечно Что же, можно поздравить Мику с новой ударной установкой, а старую, я слышала, он продает

heart-healer: Pansy D пишет: ивью с Вилле! есть перевод Евгении Хамитовой на русский язык в Official Russian/Ukrainian/Belarusian HIM Street

NaturalDisaster: Zillo разыгрывает meet & greet с HIM на фестивале M'era Luna zillo

Pansy D: NaturalDisaster, ухх, какое фото!! И любимая Валина поза, ноги "по-турецки"

NaturalDisaster: Mera Luna фестиваль, день 1, суббота, 08/10/2013 rock-fanatics

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