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HELLDONE 2012-2013. Отчеты. Часть 1

~Glum Moon~: Делимся впечатлениями! Для фотографий с фестиваля открыта отдельная тема, welcome: HELLDONE 2012-2013. Фотографии Видео Helldone 2012-2013 26.12.2012 Helldone Festival Pre-Show at Klubi (Turku, Finland) Сет-лист: click here + Фото из Ville Hermany Valo от Веры Шабановой Helldone Festival at Tavastia (Helsinki, Finland) 28.12.2012 Сет-лист: click here

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Vivien Lee: сетлист 26.12.2012 Turku Strange World Right here in my arms Wings of a butterfly Heartkiller Kiss of dawn Your sweet 666 Gone with the sin Sweet pandemonium Wicked game (Ville on acoustic guitar) Tears on tape (new) - утверждение TEAM HEARTAGRAM "The new song played tonight in Turku was called "I Will Be The End Of You" The Sacrament Pretending The Funeral of hearts It's All Tears Soul on Fire Poison Girl Buried alive by love Join me in death + When love and death embrace Sleepwalking past hope Информация о новых песнях разная...1 или 2 песни было исполнено и относительно названий. или это в ХИМ-тур разместить?

heart-healer: спасибо Heartabolikal Club

Whisper: Vivien Lee пишет: сетлист 26.12.2012 Turku по-моему шикарный сетлист Только почему на напечатанном варианте половина?)

Nymph: Просто сет-лист мечты!!! Осталось дожить до субботы, ву-ху!!!

Tiger Lily: Sacrament пишет: HIM - I Will Be The End Of You (New Song) этоооо круууууто,фантастика.ждууу альбом хочу хочу хочу хочу

Надежда: Sacrament пишет: Gone with the sin ух.. так рыкнул в начале, что я аж испугалась от неожиданности! всё в порядке у него с "низами".. может, когда захочет вот смотрю эти видюшки, и как и не было этих 2,5 лет перерыва. в принципе, я так и знала, что так будет. это как приезжаешь в Хельсинки спустя год, и сразу кажется, что и не уезжал вовсе отсюда

UnemployedMuse: голос в норме, выглядит молодо новая песня супер, мне нравится. "Show me all what you've got" хммм... выезжаю

Rita: Sacrament пишет: HIM - I Will Be The End Of You (Live at Turku 2012) 2 его там кто-то из зала к себе позвал кажется х)) или что-то вроде.. у него такой вид был))))) п.с.: песня эта понравилась, и Валя красотуньчик

NaturalDisaster: Классно, когда HIM возвращаются, еще круче когда HIM возвращаются так классно)) Новая песня прекрасна даже в "не ахти" качестве оч. нужен текст))

Chatlanin: Сетлист шикарен!!! Sweet Pandemonium - ура-ура-ура!!! Моя счастлив! Завтра отчаливаю из Питера!!!

V.I.P.: boozhe kak eto klassno kak eto klassno!!! do boli nejmjotsja, chto ne mogu poslushat' zapisi novoj pesni...

Надежда: Свит Пандемониум - обалдеть, конечно... В смысле, что они её вдруг включили в сэт-лист. Одна из тех вещей, которыми я не перестаю восхищаться.. Недавно слушала и как раз задумалась о том, услышим ли мы её когда-нибудь в лайве...

olga2188: Надежда пишет: Недавно слушала и как раз задумалась о том, услышим ли мы её когда-нибудь в лайве... Наденька, не могла бы ты на досуге задуматься о сольном концерте HIM в Раше? Тебя Вало слушается!

Надежда: olga2188 пишет: о сольном концерте HIM в Раше? ты знаешь, я столько лет мечтаю о летнем сольнике в Хельсинки, и вообще о туре по Суоми. И мечтаю, и ругаю его, и расстраиваюсь, а ему всё по х*р веники... Так что...

heart-healer: здесь о pre-Helldone: Konsertrecension: HIM generalrepeterade i Åbo HBL.fi за перевод на английский спасибо Shawn C. Wills (Endless Dark): Review of preshow in Turku Old fashion. Apart from a couple of new songs, it was like HIM never even been away, when in ondags returned after two years underground. The picture is from the group's latest Hell Done concert at Tavastia New Year's Eve 2009th Photo: Hbl Archive. Concert Review: HIM General rehearsed in Turku Finland's biggest rock band HIM returned last Wednesday from the two-year break from gambling.Winnie Osterman saw the concert in Turku, noting among other things that the sobriety and good rock music is not at all fit together. Winnie Osterman Published: 28/12/2012 10:01 Updated: 28/12/2012 10:01 RockHIM Minor A Major HIM at Klubi, Turku 26.12 Rock MTI's New Year's concert at Tavastia in Helsinki, has since 1999 become something of a rock institution in Finland. 2005 began to call the sometimes four-day concert series for Hell Done - a little midwinter festivals - with HIM fans around the world to travel to Helsinki for the exotic in to celebrate New Year here and get to party in your hometown team. The last two years - 2010 and 2011 - there was no HIM or Hell Done for Tavastia. Finland's biggest rock band was in crisis. Officially, it has been declared the break with drummer Mika "Gas Lipstick" Karppinen care inflammation. now repairing the damage it by giving four Hell Done nights on end until New Year's Eve. And so important is the comeback of the group that chose to run a rehearsal in Turku on Boxing Day. It was released only 400 tickets to Turku Klubi.The price was 60 euros each, but they went like hot cakes. To prevent black market trade, each confirm their ticket with ID, who also checked at the entrance. (The same system is in use at Tavastia.) Once inside the Klubi, before the show, the most spoken foreign language. Therefore, heater, acclaimed Finnish rock troubadour Antero Lindgren , also decided to speak English with the audience. His tender songs get a warm reception. MTI enters the stage to loud cheers, exactly on time at the 22nd Someone hysteria, it can not call it. This is evident early on in the show that all the old phase are in the band and soloist Ville Valo remains - for better or worse. Timekeeping is Valos vocal efforts mixed so low that it sounds more like mumbling than singing.Band Leader of the snack is mostly in Finnish and consists - as usual - the closest of the group's inside jokes. But I am extremely pleased that the Gas Lipstick no longer have to play their drums behind the awful plastic fence, which was previously aimed to improve the group's acoustics on stage. It helps little with plastic fences if Valos voice is not heard. But perhaps just that MTI's success recipe? Quiet melancholy songs that confirm the Finns as a prejudiced people with warm hearts. Valos incoherent and swaying muttering something completely different rushed audience courtship. - Huonost hapest tulee hyvää rokkii, poor self-esteem get good rock music, says Valo closest to their games cronies before the third song Wings Of A Butterfly. band sounds harmonious and full-bodied.Confidently, too. There must surely have been some butterflies before this gig. It feels like the whole band to prove they still have the glow and sparkle left. Someone from the audience asks a question. - Why am I talking so low? It is important shortcomings. Works well even in bed, says Valo before the only new song presented from upcoming album with the working title Tears On Tape. It sounds just like standard materials from Love Metal (2003). The group seems to enjoy his life on stage. Maybe it has to do with Valo this year started drinking again, after five years of sobriety. No rock without alcohol. A sip of cold Karhu seems to taste pretty good between songs. Then drag the songwriter acoustic guitar. - This I learned from Jonne Aaron from Negative, he grins. Absolutism did not suit Valo. Sobriety led to flop Scream Works, Vol 1 (2010), MTI's by far the worst record. From that we hear only one song, Heart Killer. But as I said, a hand inflammation was the official reason. MTI's live set at nineteen songs could almost be called a hitkavalkad. And after tasting the beer and tobacco. Valo rises back up on stage to play an encore, bolmandes on a cigarette. - Dit walked tax refund, he jokes. It seems that Ville Valo and HIM has won over his demons.

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