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HELLDONE 2012-2013. . 2

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heart-healer: His Infernal Magazine Face Of God ( Helldone): H.I.M.: How has it been playing at Tavastia yesterday? Leo: It was fun! We had fun and a good after party! We had a couple of beers and a couple of shots but he was here before me so (he points to Benjamin) its all good now (smiles) H.I.M: So it was a nice experience! Benjamin: (nodding)Yes, yes! Leo: Yes! Definitely! In a way was better than we thought! For us it was really easy everything went easilybehind the stage and at the sound check. H.I.M.: And with the audience? Leo: Yeah! Very good audience! It was quite fun! Yeah. Benjamin: Yeah! H.I.M: Its been a really good show and you played very very well! In a moment I remembered Rage Against The Machine Benjamin: Yeah, yeah, Cool! Leo: Yes, .(pointing his thumb up). H.I.M.: Are there some great musical influences in your life or in your music? Or are there special musicians or bands that you like or influence your sound? Leo: Well, a few influences are from different music I am a huge fan of HIM, of course H.I.M. : You mix any kind of sound Leo: Yes, I think were not thinking too much like like we do what we feel to do. We are not thinking the priority we are not thinking that we have to build something new. Our award is like doing the things we have, you know we learned from music and were doing at our own way. I think You know a band called Biffy Clyro? H.I.M.: Yes. Leo: Form Scotland? H.I.M.: Yes. Leo: Im a huge fan of Biffy Clyro and he,(pointing to Benjamin), hes been into more metal than me. Benjamin: Yeah, and all this like Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave H.I.M. : Tom Morello! Benjamin: Yes! And Soundgarden this kind of stuff lately, at least. Thats what I listen to. H.I.M. : So, how could you describe your music to someone that never listened to your music? Leo: (smiling) Rock music. Its really hard to say alikeWe are like three guys who love music and were doing you know H.I.M.: What you feel inside Youre doing what you like! Leo: Yeah, Exactly! Do you play? Cat.: Yes, I play piano, well, on my own H.I.M. : Yesterdays experience Has it been as you wanted, as you desired? Or there is something you would change? Leo: No! I think it was like Now Im thinking about the all thing it was pretty perfect for us! Of course you can always play better and you can always do better but, if you think to that too much H.I.M. We agree! Leo: Yes. It was good fun! It felt like, you know a normal gig, in a way of course it was like we were really really excited and we loved HIM fans and people who love our band and stuff like that but there were also a lot of, like our friends, our families, so it felt really good actually! And it was like to meet like HIM fans HIM: Was is comfortable for you? Easy to Leo: Yeah! We felt really like a part of that! H.I.M. Crazy people Leo: Yeah (smiling). H.I.M. : Interact with crazy people from all over the world. The guys smile. Leo: Yes, it was good fun! H.I.M.: Yeah? (laughing). Leo: Good fun, yeah! There was only one ugly moment: a girl came to me, (I think she was from England or somewhere), and she said to me like One of my friends is really angry for me And I was just like: Lost him? And I dont know where he is now! Could you help me? And I was like :How could I help you? And she said like :If you could go and say to him that Im here or maybe take me there And I was like :Who? Ah, its Ville! I was like Bah! H.I.M.: Oh no! Go away! Leo: Yeah! Get lost! H.I.M.: Youre not Ville! Leo: Yes! The girl She just wanted you know she didnt know Ville but she was only a fan trying to H.I.M. : Between us there are fans that listen to them from 2000 and HIM are great band, they play great music but a band is not a man Benjamin: Only, yeah! H.I.M. Is there a particular message that youre trying to get across your song, across your lyrics? Leo: Uhm Benjamin smiles Leo: I dont know form me I write all the lyrics and stuff like that so, for me its more like writing a diary, in a way, and then Most of the songs are about love, like Im not thinking there is one song there can be like thousand of stories behind thatone word even! I dont know we wanna play music. Its what we want to do: play music and have fun. Benjamin nods. H.I.M.: How is your creative process? Leo: Its like You cant pick up guitar and think like: Now Im gonna write a good song!. It comes, you know? H.I.M.: Yeah It comes out Leo: It depends on your mood. Of course there are some days were youre more creative and you can also be like When I sing and how I feel is like basically you can write twenty songs that you can see like they sucks from that you can get like, you know, one good song or even more! When you put all the songs in your mind together may you can create a good song that you feel comfortable and maybe you can get that song to rehearsal and if they like it you can work with it But usually it comes naturally I think. If we have ideas we put all together not thinking to that too much. H.I.M.: It comes out from your feelings Leo and Benjamin: Yeah! Leo: Exactly! H.I.M.: D you always start with the lyrics? Leo: Yeah but also you can have like a, you know, some guitar riff or something but, usually it doesnt go anywhere if you dont have something in your mind coming with the lyrics. Maybe it can be also you can have a song without the lyrics, but you can have the name for the song and basically you know Right now actually yesterday we played one song, our last song, I only have the first sentences of the song and a chorus Benjamin: The skeleton of the song and we put it together in the rehearsal place and like its actually funny I just realized that we never talk about aboutchorus -or something-, how this part goes: we just play it, we dont like Leo: We follow each other! Benjamin: Yeah! We just play, jam together. Thats really a funny and inspiring way to put together those songs. H.I.M. When you record your songs you record them analogically or digitally? Benjamin: Right now we, or me, at least, Im interested in analogical. Yeah, a kind I think. We made really much of all songs digitally so far. So like H.I.M.: Analogical is a more liquid sound Benjamin and Leo: Yeah! Leo: I think is not about only about the thing that you recorded live is more an attitutude on making music. The sound You know,what weve learned it that we sound more better live. Our music live is better that the recorded so, next time well go to the studio to make recordings of the album we wanna take the live spirit, that attitude! H.I.M.: Talking about recording can you tell us about the new album? Leo: Yeah, its our first album, more hippy and more sing along; were still in the process of thinking what song we wanna put into the album and what we got to do Still making new songs and not taking that too seriously because it is only its music only. Since we dont have any Record Label and we dont wanna make a shift deal so basically we can make whatever we want! H.I.M.: Youre free to decide! Leo: Yes! Of course, like one year ago, we even thought about an album, in the mood like We are gonna make more EPs, something like that Now the idea of making a double album we are of course excited and, on the other side, its athere is something to do and its not that boring. It could be boring if it was a normal rock album. It would be nice to have In May we played six shows in a month so weve played one show a day, at least and last day we played twenty gigs. There are lots of really young girls coming, singing all the time! It sounded really good and really beautiful. It would be really nice having fans on our album, singing on the album, an acoustic album. it would be great! H.I.M.: Yes, it would be great so fans would also feel involved! Leo: Yes! And that is the reason why if you dont have fans, you of course you can make songs, you can do your things but still you need the fans. I mean there is no point to go if nobody sees your band! And I think its really important and nice to, also, if somebody loves our music and wants to sing our songs, give an opportunity to come sing in the album! H.I.M.: It would be nice to be involved in what the band does because we share feelings so its really good this interaction. Leo: Yes, and like the human thing its really important its like, you know, we are humans and our fans are human And its weird, I really often feel that there is something between our band and people who likes our music! They see our band in a different way than we see ourselves, you know so its nice, sometimes break the all thing and know people. H.I.M.: I talked to a few fans, yesterday, and they told me, as you told us before, that youre better live! Leo and Benjamin: Hum (nodding and smiling). H.I.M.: Yes, because they felt your music much more inside of them that on CD Leo: I think its really important, now for what I would like to explain, to see from my fav band, from the bands that I like, it would be nice to see that they are doing something really creative not maybe new but something that people are not doing Well I dont like the band but, Thirty Seconds To Mars had something on the internet: you could send your picture to them and you could have your face on the album cover! So there were like 2000 albums with different covers so that was really good!(Editors note: Leo is talking about the album This Is War from 2009). H.I.M.: Actually when you talked about fans singing in an album TSTM also did it. Leo and Benjamin: Yes, and I think it was very beautiful! H.I.M.: Something similar, with fans pics, did Depeche Mode also. Leo: Cool! H.I.M.: Yes! Because is great for a fans to be a little part of their fav. bands work! Leo: Yeah!I like things like that! There is not any road that you have to follow, there is your own road that you have to follow and I do that. I like to do the things that I feel and if that makes you happy thats the main thing! You have to make yourself happy, make yourself comfortable and if it brings fans this is good!If it brings tours and stuff like that even better;if it brings nothing but you tryed and you feel good thats the main thing, I think. H.I.M.: What are your dreams? Benjamin: To live with music! (laughing)Do not be worried about where I get the money for my rent! H.I.M.: Laughter. Leo: Its weird like three years ago we didnt have this band and I was dreaming all of the time, I had really bad sleep problems cause I was dreaming like even to play, play in a band, like playing guitar, that was my dream! You know have good guys, a good band that you can like share H.I.M.: From how long dyou started singing? Leo: First I was playing guitar only, I wanted to sing but I felt like I was so scared but, after we started playing together; at some point I felt like maybe I could sing and maybe we can build a bandand maybe start to! I remember our old friend Oscar was playing drums in a band, we called him and he came. Actually it was first time I was able to sing for somebody else who was not Benjamin or my brother. Benjamin: We knew he was the right guy! Leo: That was my dream, to have a band and have fun And of course then, when you have a band, you start dreaming about the gigs.. and you want to have a gig, you put the show then you have ten gigs coming then you wanna go to the studio (Talking to Benjamin): Did we went to the studio before we had the gigs? Benjamin: Yeahwe recorded our first songs. We were playing like two months together Leo: It was a huge studio,the Seawolf Studios in Suomenlinna H.I.M.: Where Michael Monroe mixed and mastered his album Sensory Overdrive? Leo and Benjamin: Yes! Leo: Amorphys, Hanoi Rocks, The Rasmus and other great bands worked there H.I.M.: Yeah, great bands! Leo: Is huge! The atmosphere is great and (smiling) you can smoke everywhere It was like, really! A dream came true even make a song in there Now weve been in the best studios in finland and it is crazy, because its only like two years and so many good things are happening! We never thought that things would be like this! H.I.M.: Okay, this is the last question. What do you think about HIM performance? Yesterdays performance? Leo: I think it was really good! I saw the band of course was stressed it was their first gig in two years They had their rehearsal room next to ours so we were listening to them practicing like Five months maybe? Benjamin: Yeah! Leo: And all their sounds were really good The are legends! I think the show was good! Of course what happened happened but good show! They are rock stars! Did you liked the show? H.I.M.: Yes! Leo and Benjamin: It was awesome! H.I.M: Pity that Tavastias acoustics are not so good Benjamin: Yes, you couldnt hear the singing very well Leo: HIM are a great band! I saw them live many times. Benjamin: Yes!They are great! Leo: and it was an honour to play there! Benjamin: A great honour! H.I.M.: Okay guys! Thank you so much for your kindness! Leo and Benjamin: Thank you ladies! We hope you will have a good time here in Finland! : His Infernal Magazine

Pansy D: heart-healer, , , !! ! , Face Of God, , , ? ... His Infernal Magazine : H.I.M: Pity that Tavastias acoustics are not so good , ... : I think that the tension , the stage fright never goes away: its always there, even after 20 years of gigs . And maybe it is what Ville has done : he has publicly declared that he had been drinking , he had been smoking, that he was fully aware he had made a mistake. And in his statements there is a lot of courage and greatness , in my opinion: not the greatness of someone who belives to be all-powerful, perfect, able to hold the stage with self-assurance, to gain fans with a bit leery magnetism. On the contrary, its the greatness of someone who admits, simply, sincerely his limits, his weaknesses, looking for a dialogue , a relationship with his fans, the true ones, those who know how to be carried away by emotions that only music can give us, those who can accept to be in front of not a god, not a hero , but simply a human being. " ". , , , , ! HIM is back with no doubts and the band is still able to touch us; I say this because after the impressive show they gave us for New Years Eve I saw a large amount of people crying. We have always believed in them and now more than ever we rise the flag that says IN HIM WE TRUST! !! :))) , !! ... Skreppers " , , Hiili , , , " " . , , The Skreppers , , ( - ! )! , : :)) : :))) , . , - --, , !:))) , , -:)) Id like to make a special mention to the music that made our waiting more pleasant on 28th 29th and 30th , between concerts ,and that was in the hands of DJ Jyrki69. :) , , , , , , ! , , :)))))

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