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Cassandra: Внимание! На форуме запрещено выкладывать ссылки на студийные записи HIM. Дабы не обижать Вилле, который очень не любит, когда его музыку скачивают из Интернета бесплатно. ======================================================================== Ресурс Megaupload.com в настоящее время не работает, поэтому если вам что-то нужно из, указанных ниже, списков - запрашивайте в теме Аудио (продолжение) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Формат дат: год.месяц.день Список концертов: [more] 1998.7.11 Joensuu, Finland @ Ilosaari rock - Our Diabolikal Rapture 1999.6.19 Seinajoki, Finland @ [Provinssirock Festival] 2000.4.9 Linz, Austria @ Posthof 2000.09.22 Schupfart, Switzerland @ [Schupfart Festival] 2000.10.30 London, UK @ The Garage Club 2000.11.09 Milan, Italy @ Tunnel Club 2000.11.29 Paris,France @ La Boule Noire 2000.04.08 Vienna, Austria @ Libro-Halle 2001.6.2 Norburg, Germany @ [Rock am Ring] 2001.6.3 Germany @ [Rock im Park] 2001.7.7 Turku, Finland @ Ruisrock 2001.8.10 Live At Jyrki, Helsinki, Finland 2001.9.22 Magdeburg, Germany @ Stadthalle 2001.9.28 Offenbach, Germany @ Stadthalle 2001.12.31 Helsinki, Finland @ Tavastia club 2002.2.28 Camden, UK @ Barfly Club 2002.4.4 Helsinki, Finland @ Tavastia 2002.7.19 Tampere, Finland @ [Tammerfest] 2002.8.11 Hildesheim, Germany @ [M'era Luna Festival] 2002.12.31 Helsinki, Finland @ Tavastia club 2003.5.3 London, UK @ Astoria 2003.4.30 Helsinki, Finland @ Semifinal Club 2003.7.16 Athens, Greece @ Lycabettus Theatre 2003.8.2 Vantaa, Finland @ [Ankkarock Festival] 2004.3.21 Zürich, Switzerland @ Eventhalle 2004.5.29 Netherlands @ [Pinkpop Festival] 2004.1.28 Bristol, UK @ Bristol Academy 2004.5.17 Sayreville, New Jersey, USA @ Starland Ballroom 2004.12.31 Helsinki, Finland @ Tavastia club 2005.9.10 Bratislava, Slovakia @ NTC Sibamac Arena 2005.11.23 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania @ Electric Factory 2006.2.9 Essen, Germany @ Grugahalle 2006.2.15 Berlin, Germany @ Arena 2006.3.13 Athens, Greece @ Athinon arena (Pantheon) 2006.5.15 Toronto, Canada @The Docks 2006.7.15 Sibiu, Romania @ [Artmania Festival] 2007.7.7 Brussels , Belgium @ VK Club 2007.7.29 Mountain View, CA, USA @ Shoreline Amphitheatre [Projekt Revolution Tour] 2007.8.17 Cuyahoga Falls, OH, USA @ Blossom Music Center [Projekt Revolution Tour] 2007.11.13 San Francisco, CA, USA @ The Warfield 2008.6.13 Sweden @ [Hultsfred Festival] 2010.6.12 Derby, UK @ Donington Park [Download Festival] 2010.6.20 P3 Live Sveriges Radio @ Göteborg, Sweden [Pier Pressurе Festival] [/more] Список отдельных песен с концертов: [more] - Some Kinda Hate [Live Acoustic Version] - HIM - Frozen (Madonna Cover) - Lonely Road [Acoustic Live] - Lonely Road (Live) - Please Don't Let It Go acoustic 2001 (Bam on Drums) - Ville Valo-First Cut Is The Deepest[Cat Stevens Acoustic cover] 2000.7.1 Belgium @ Rock Werchter - Our Diabolikal Rapture - Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart 2007.10.24 Toronto, ON, Canada @ The Docks Nightclub and Concert Theatre - Sleepwalking Past Hope .mp3 - Love: The Hardest Way [Live Helldone 2009] - превью всех песен Screamworks: Love In Theory And Practice (Deluxe) на амазоне[/more] Список интервью: [more] старое интервью с Вилле на финском 2007.11.15 Ville Valo Interview [Digital Versatile Doom] @ Los Angleles, USA 2007.9.21 Ville Valo on the Bruce Dickinson Rock Show 2007.12.18 Вилле на Radio 1 BBC 2009.6.10 Ночь ХИМ на Евро-Рок Радио 2009.2.7 Вилле Вало в Heartagram Day show на Euro-Rock Radio 2010.2.9 Вилле диджействует на радио NRJ 2010.2.22 Rockline Radio @ Sydney, Australia 2010.3.26 Ville Valo - HIM - Weekends Blog - 93.3 WMMR- Everything That Rocks @ Philadelphia, PA, United States 2010.4.16 POP COUNTER//CULTURE interview with Ville Valo @ Vancouver, BC, Canada 2010.5.8 Ville and Mige Interview for Valo Daily @ New York, NY, USA 2010.7 Interview with HIM frontman Ville Valo broadcast on Estonian TV3 News 2010.6.20 Finska pinnar @ Göteborg, Sweden [Pier Pressurе Festival] 2011.2.2 Интервью с Миге и Линде в Далласе by Kelly Crawford [/more] Прочее: сайд-проекты, трибьюты, ранние релизы [more] Donits-Osmo Experience - Necroperversor (Ville on bass) 2004 Lowemotor Corporation - "Saturnalia" песня - Love Me 2005 Isabelles Gift - "American Idle" Isabelle´s Gift feat. Ville Valo - If I Die Tonight 2007 Manna ''Sister'' Manna Feat. Ville Valo - Just For Tonight 2005 Jussi Syren And The Groundbreakers – Heartagrass 2007 The String Quartet Tribute to HIM 2007 Manna - "Sister" - Sing For You - Stars 1995 - This is Only the Beginning (Demo) 1996 - 666 Ways to Love: Prologue - Too Happy To Be Alive (длинная версия). [/more]

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Ilta_sielu: 2004.3.21 Zürich, Switzerland @ Eventhalle http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FYKVU72P 71.34 Mb Сет-лист: 01-Buried Alive By Love 02-Wicked Game 03-Beyond Redemption 04-Right Here In My Arms 05-Heartache Every Moment 06-This Fortress of Tears 07-Your Sweet 666 08-Join Me 09-It's All Tears 10-In Joy And Sorrow 11-Solitary Man 12-Pretending 13-The Sacrament 14-Poison Girl 15-The Funeral of Hearts 16-Pausa 17-Soul On Fire За ссылку спасибо 20 ============================================================================

Ilta_sielu: 2007.7.7 Brussels , Belgium @ VK Club http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PNZQV138 18.6 MB HIM - Join Me HIM - Kiss Of Dawn HIM - Passion's Killing Floor HIM - Right Here in my Arms HIM - Rip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly

TimmyHeartless: 2003.4.30 Helsinki, Finland @ Semifinal Club 1.Your Sweet Six Six Six 2.Buried Alive By Love 3.It's All Tears 4.Sweet Pandemonium 5.Pretending 6.Lose You Tonight 7.The Sacrament 8.Right Here In My Arms 9.The Funeral Of Hearts 10.Join Me In Death 11.Please Don't Let It Go 12.Beyond Redemption 13.Soul On Fire http://www.megaupload.com/?d=COIT9CK9 320 кбит (звук великолепный)

Ilta_sielu: 2000.10.30 London, UK @ The Garage Club http://www.megaupload.com/?d=T69OKRF3 - 93.37 MB Сет-лист: 01 - All For You + Right Here In My Arms 02 - Your Sweet Six Six Six 03 - Resurrection 04 - Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart 05 - Death Is In Love With Us 06 - Wicked Game 07 - Poison Girl 08 - It's All Tears 09 - Join Me 10 - Gone With The Sin 11 - Razorblade Kiss

Ilta_sielu: 2000.11.09 Milan, Italy @ Tunnel Club http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5OJ0ODKX - 50.33 MB обложки: Сет-лист: 01. Motor 02. Right Here in my Arms 03. Resurrection-Your Sweet 666 04. Bury me deep inside your heart 05. Poison Girl 06. It's all tears 07. Wicked Game 08. Join Me 09. Gone with the sin 10. Rebel yell

TimmyHeartless: Наиболее полная раздача живых записей группы с 1997 по 2010 год,много редкого материала и эксклюзива,в двух частях http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3969709 http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3969791

UnemployedMuse: Lonely Road acoustic

powernoize: 2010 Acoustic Demo Version "The Foreboding Sense Of Impending Happiness" does a full version of this demo exist? i've been looking all over for it but to no avail. has different lyrics as well...any help would be greatly appreciated! :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46vdui8qrIc&feature=plcp послушать в встроенном видео:

heart-healer: I will be the end of you (pre-show in Turku 26/12/2012

Надежда: Наткнулась на Ютубе на любопытную штучку.. HIM Live at Frankfurt Germany 1998 (Full Audio) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLGg4U7OArI там на 34:40 - "нью намбер: Разоблэйд Ромэнс"


heart-healer: Ville Valo (HIM) interview 30.04.2013 with Natalie's World http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=BRC0sTcJx0g#! текст интервью (http://www.nataliezworld.com/2013/03/hims-ville-valo-box-of-chocolates-thats.html): HIM's Ville Valo the Box Of Chocolate's that's the Best Of Both Worlds Finnish icons HIM has been around for over 20 years since then they have toured relentlessly, recorded various albums and still to this day have not stepped down from doing what they love. Going onto what is there eighth album to date, "Tears On Tape" is straight to point being more noisy, grungy, just heavier than what they have covered before making it even spooky at times. With that, frontman vocalist ad acoustic guitarist Ville Valo himself took some time to discuss this album's expectations and further plans for HIM. 1. You're on album number eight did you ever see this day to arrive? Ville: No obviously not. It's always stuff that keeps us on our toes and if we were to speculate at any album even like our 13th it's not how we do it, for us it works one day at a time as AA says. 2. What were you trying to achieve with Tears on Tape? Ville: Keep ourselves entertained. It's such a big part of our lives when we formed over 20 years ago so we try to spice things up a bit. 3. What was on your mind when you were writing the album? Ville: Probably the lack of sleep I didn't get, everything else was just a blur but afterwards we just went with the flow. Me I just get the ideas down then show it to the guys while at rehearsal. So from there we just bang our heads having a good time so that's the best way we do it. We don't have a strict plan on doing things, I think it's just great to have that magic and excitement not knowing what you're going to get, it's just like opening a box of chocolates. 4. Can you tell us how this album differs from the previous ones? What can we expect and what is the message behind it? Ville: I think there is no message. It's more of the process that evolves. We're not political or religious so there is no statement behind our music. So with this one it's more noisy, grungy, and straight to the point, much heavier than our last one and spooky at times. It has everything we are known for we tried experimenting a bit but I never write the same song twice so it's left to the ear of the beholder to decide on whether or not if it's something new or not. 5. What are your expectations for the CD? Ville: I think the basics would be to be surprised, touring, meeting some new people, just wanting to be successful in this industry taking a lot of timing and luck. We don't know what's really going to happen with it but we are happy with it, the style and sound of it so by that we have fulfilled our expectations of it already. So now we just have to wait on what the people think of it whenever they get it. 6. How did the deal with Razor and Tie come about? Ville: It was an odd situation, we were signed to Warner Brothers and everything changed. So we wanted to see if there would be alternatives out there so we went with Razor and Tie, due to them giving us a decent deal, so it's important to have a situation when calling a record label and having all of this assistance available. So we will see what happens next. 7. Will we ever see Ville Valo flying solo doing a solo career? Ville: Not me, our bass player did a solo project and our guitarist worked on a side project, since I am the main song writer for HIM that's enough for me. If I did go and write something it would probably sound just like HIM if not sound worse so I am happy with the band the way it is. 8. Why did you want to do this mini tour in support of this album? Ville: Since the album is coming out late in the Spring time, all of the summer festivals coming up, we had wanted to do this tour to let everyone know that there is a record coming out and we are around, after that tour we will be doing another in the fall but not sure of where it will start. We just wanted to do more intimate shows for the loyal fanatics out there. 9. You have done work in the past with the guys of The 69 Eyes, would you ever consider touring with them in the U.S.? Ville: We've known each other for years like 90 something, singing backing vocals on the albums, but there busy so whenever we're in the studio they're touring or if they're in the studio we're touring so our paths never cross. But yeah it would be nice to do so I gota ask them next time I see them what they want to do. 10. What are your favorite things about touring in the U.S.? Ville: The scenery, big skies, like touring in the U.K. the cities are like 100 miles from one another where in the U.S. it's constant traveling and makes it great. Seeing these shady motels, gas stations, it's nothing like a tourist you get to see the different sides of things. All of the states have different things it's the best of both worlds when it comes to touring. 11. You guys have toured a lot over the years but where hasn't HIM set foot in? Ville: We've never played Africa, India, Alaska, Latin America, only played Japan once, there are a lot of places we would love to go to, to see what it's like but the problem with touring is that if you wanted to see all of those countries and cities you'd be on tour for years. By doing that touring can be tiring being away from home, so we're still trying to find a balance between being in the studio and being out touring it's a fine line, so hopefully we'll get to see some new places soon. 12. What can the fans expect to see from you for this year? Ville: Hoping that there will be fans because without them we wouldn't get to do what we love to do. We'll just be touring as much as possible, just shot 3 new videos which should be out soon, next week we will be working on the live set list bringing back my acoustic guitar for some songs, and playing songs we haven't played in a long time. So just switching things around just a tiny bit to get people's interest up. 13. Anything else you want to add for your fans? Ville: I think we covered all of the basics and I think that's the toughest question in the world.


heart-healer: интервью Ville Valo на Radio NRJ 18.4.2013 часть1 http://www.nrj.fi/podcasts/?id=3103466 скачать http://rusfolder.com/37533980 часть 2 http://www.nrj.fi/podcasts/?id=3103465 скачать http://rusfolder.com/37534005 часть 3 http://www.nrj.fi/podcasts/?id=3103464 скачать http://rusfolder.com/37533987

heart-healer: HIM (2013 WIIL Rock Fest - Twin Lakes Wisconsin) Radio Interview

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