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.."Крылатые" фразы.. (продолжение)

BagiRaa: Есть определенные высказывания Ville Valo и всех участников HIM, которые стали "крылатыми" пусть не общепринято а для кого то лично Может подобная фраза стала чьим то лозунгом Сколько людей столько мнений так что надеюсь в этой теме будет что написать..

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Pansy D: heart-healer, какой точный рецепт!!

heart-healer: For me, hope is the little light guiding you the way, which reminds you that life does have a sense, that you have goals. To believe in that is often more easily said than done." -Ville Valo-

NaturalDisaster: In my eyes, perfection is imperfection. Perfect imperfection. That’s perfection. *** Every living creature, every human being is a piece of art. Ville Valo

NaturalDisaster: из In the Words of Ville "I think love keeps on changing every day more or less its not black and white and it's definitely more than 50 shades of grey, if you've read that erotic novel, it's closer to 666" -Ville (Part One of Ville Valo of HIM's PV Fan Q&A)

heart-healer: "Katja Stahl (BMG) gave me the golden advice that if a journalist asks for my shoe size, I can tell him my head circumference. When I'm giving interviews I'm not under oath, there is no legal obligation to speak the literal truth." -Ville ** To work in this field, you have to be manic, schizophrenic and manic-depressive to be able to do this thing. This isn’t a job for sane and normal people."-Ville ** I think in the tax papers my occupation is entertainer. I think that’s so funny. -Ville

heart-healer: We live and die by 9volt batteries, so thank you Mr Edison, thank you Mr Tesla....-Ville- (having power problems on stage in Prague)

UnemployedMuse: Не считая того, что я не занимаюсь спортом, курю и пью, я веду здоровый образ жизни (С) (все про меня)

Pansy D: heart-healer пишет: thank you Mr Edison, thank you Mr Tesla Mr Valo такой начитанный!.. UnemployedMuse пишет: (все про меня) Вало, что ты делаешь со своими поклонниками!

NaturalDisaster: "You know he can't be happy all the time and it would be terrible if Marilyn Manson would be happy! He's making a career out of being unhappy so I think it suits him fine." -Ville In the Words of Ville

Амалия: ...перед шоу всегда есть волнение (бабочки в животе) и когда выходит новый альбом, эти же бабочки тоже там. И каждый раз вы теряете свою музыкальную девственность снова и снова. Восьмой альбом похож на восьмую девушку, восьмую любовь. Каждый из них я любил одинаково, а первые я чертовски любил... V.V.

NaturalDisaster: из In the Words of Ville

NaturalDisaster: "I am pretty happy with everything I have gone through and everything the band has gone through over the years. We have done good stuff and we have done bad stuff and everything in between, and that is important otherwise we wouldn't be here. It can't all be wine, dance and roses or wine, women and song. I think that would be boring. It's good to have those moral hangovers on occasion!" -Ville из In the Words of Ville

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